The #GetLoomerAJob Contest is LIVE!

When people are in desperate times, they’re prone to desperate measures. Or in some cases, awesome measures. I just got done “writing” the Official Contest Rules for #GetLoomerAJob. I encourage you to read them. Word for word. In all of their legal — and very non-legal — glory. I’m kinda kidding, but this is serious…. Read more »

10 Steps to Jobless Survival

I have now been out of work for two weeks and four days (but who’s counting?). We’re getting pretty darn close to the longest period of time consecutively I’ve been out of work since college. Maybe you’re in my club, too. Maybe you’re hoping I have all the answers for you. I’m figuring them out… Read more »

Career Key: Think Like a Kid

What do you wanna be when you grow up? Michael’s response to this simple question is probably quite similar to that of others his age. Michael shoots for the stars. And he knows exactly what he wants to do. This is his plan: 1) Go to college for “three to five years” 2) Play baseball… Read more »

Entering the Free Agent Market

Pardon the sports analogy, but if you know me you understand that baseball is regularly on my brain. A week and a half ago, Jon Loomer became a free agent. And since I’m sticking with a sports analogy, talking about myself in the third person (or “talking about himself in the third person”??) makes total… Read more »