Marketing Conference Recap: Day 1

I’m at the Marketing Conference in New York. Day 1 was packed full of great info. I admittedly have never been a great note taker (some habits you just can’t break), but luckily provides a recap of several of the sessions.

KEYNOTE: Supercharging Your Brand on Facebook
Speaker: Eric Ludwig, VP and General Manager for North America, Rosetta Stone

Understanding the Most Valuable Digital Real Estate: The Facebook Newsfeed
Panel: PostRocket Co-Founder Mike Maghsoudi (Moderator)
PostRocket Founder and CEO Tim Chae
Salesforce.comVice President, Customers for Life Michael Jaindl
Glyder Director of Social Media Blake Jamieson
ESPN Director of Social Media Content and Strategy Michael Cupo
Jon Loomer Digital Founder and CEO Jon Loomer

AllFacebook Marketing Conference News Feed

Left to right: Mike Maghsoudi and Tim Chae of PostRocket, Michael Jaindl of, Blake Jamieson of Glyder, Michael Cupo of ESPN and Jon Loomer

Vendor Workshop: 6 Secrets to Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out from the Rest
Speaker: Emeric Ernoult, Founder and CEO of AgoraPulse

Facebook Ads: Can They Promote More Than Just Likes?
Panel: Fang Digital CEO Jeff Ferguson (Moderator)
Emeric Ernoult
Motivity Marketing CEO Kevin Ryan
Ad Parlor CEO Hussein Fazal
Payvment CEO Jim Stoneham

There were other other panels as well, but I unfortunately don’t have recaps of those. My favorite of the day was by Jeff Ferguson, who wrapped up the day comparing baseball sabermetrics to Facebook marketers focusing on the right stats. That’s right up my alley!

Here are a few highlights and quotes from the day…

Eric Ludwig dropped a bomb, saying that the average lifespan of a Facebook Fan is 25 days. Not that they unlike the Page after 25 days, but that they disengage after that point. Take advantage of those first 25 days!

He also discussed the impact of Facebook marketing. While he said it rarely results in a direct sale, it is successful for…

  • In-store sales
  • Call center sales
  • Web sales
  • Traffic
  • Lead collection
  • Brand awareness

Ludwig, on the importance of Sponsored Stories:

For me, it’s that advertising is changing forever. The days of a brand trying to align themselves with a creative agency that creates something like the Geico gecko or the caveman … those days are mostly over. … The most important thing is what customers are saying about your brand. There’s not a single ad that I’ve written that has out performed a sponsored story ad.

Tim Chae on photos and status updates:

Photos get two to three times more engagement than regular status updates. When you’re on your phone scrolling down your news feed and you see a photo that’s vibrant, you click on it and expand it.

Chae on the News Feed:

The Facebook news feed is a one-way interaction — just because you stalk your ex-boyfriend, your ex-boyfriend isn’t necessarily going to be seeing your content, although you will see theirs.

Chae on targeting strategies:

The greatest secret of Facebook and how to hack the Facebook news feed: Take one post and create 24 targeted and segmented posts using what’s available from Facebook now — age and location. You’re posting at 7 p.m. for an 18-year-old male who’s in college and at 8 a.m. for a stay-at-home mother. Only one post was shown to that one fan, but your entire collective reach will increase three times.

Michael Jaindl on filtered content:

Facebook spends a tremendous amount of time trying to serve the most important content to you, and it does an incredible job of it. The challenge is that 700,000 pieces of content are being created each minute.

Blake Jamieson on content weight:

Shares are the most important — that’s someone endorsing your brand. Comments are the second most important — people interacting with your brand.

Michael Cupo on experimentation:

You have to fail constantly. Start understanding what your audience responds to and continue to modify that.

Emeric Ernoult’s 6 Secrets to Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out from the Rest:

1. Know When to Post
2. Know What to Post
3. Identify Your Best (And Worst) Performing Content
4. Qualify Your Fans
5. Identify Your Ambassadors
6. Spy On The Competition

Kevin Ryan on looking beyond Likes:

Think of the brand first before you think of the rules of Facebook. Likes are absolutely spectacular, but it’s hard to draw a line between likes and revenue. Three essentials: Focus on learning while earning, prep for smart online media at scale, no device is an island We’re not mobile marketing anymore — we’re device marketing.

That’s all I’ve got! Check back in for the December 5 recap.