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When it comes to social media, I’ve tried it all. And when you’re looking for someone well versed in this form of communication, you don’t just want someone to tell you how to do it. You want someone who can show you they are doing it or have done it before. Look around this site and look around the network. You’ll see social media buttons and call-outs integrated throughout the pages.

While I influence or have influenced dozens of social media accounts, below are the main accounts that I actively influence on a daily basis now. Check them out!

[Note: You won’t be able to see much on my personal Facebook account, or even my Google+ account, unless you’re a close friend. This is actually a good sign for you: It shows that I know how to separate business from personal, and I actively utilize privacy settings that many misunderstand!]


Twitter: @JonLoomer (55 Klout)
Mark Zuckerberg

There's our buddy Zuck!

PastKast Network

@TweetsFrom1982 (904 followers, 46 Klout)
@TweetsFrom1987 (370 followers, 43 Klout)
@BrewCrewLive (2,769 followers, 61 Klout)

Brewers Updates From 1982 (1,303 fans)
Brewers Updates From 1987