I can fill these pages with my own words about how it is I’ve helped other companies and how I can help your own. Actually, I probably did that. But I may be a tad biased. Here are the words of some influential people I have worked with over the years. Many thanks for the kind words!

Here’s what others are saying:

I’m really impressed with Jon’s leadership. Jon is unafraid to ‘go big’ and follow innovative ideas, and can also follow through and deliver what he dreams. That’s a rare quality in a visionary, but Jon’s got it. He can get things done. His positive attitude is contagious, making his leadership style very effective. He’s truly a pleasure to work with, and I quickly learned to rely on his judgment. Jon improves everything he touches — he made my team better and smarter. What a pleasure to work with!

David Balcom
Managing Director of Digital Activation
American Cancer Society National Home Office

Jon is a very committed, passionate staff person, always looking for solutions and next practices. His innovation and creativity are very well known across the American Cancer Society and within the nonprofit industry. Jon led the team that created the first iphone app for the Society and engineered the development of multiple mobile and online platforms, including Facebook apps, fundraising tools, online systems and more. Jon’s ability to seek internal and external partnerships, with superb communications skills and collaborative focus has made Jon a progressive staff member of the American Cancer Society. Jon continues to stay ahead of the digital trends and technical shifts of the industry, and I have found Jon’s insights and work ethic to be invaluable. It has been a true pleasure working with Jon at ACS.

Kyle Harris
Chief Strategy Officer
American Cancer Society Great West Division

Jon is a great performer. He thinks clearly, works diligently and delivers. It was great to have him on the team and I will gladly work with him in the future!

Kelly Perdew
CEO of Fastpoint Games
Winner of The Apprentice, Season 2

Jon is an asset to any team, always going above and beyond all expectations. If you have the opportunity to work with Jon, take it. He has the unique ability to see the big picture and still focus on details, a strong work ethic and he is a great communicator. Jon is able to work effectively remotely although it’s a pleasure to have him in the office as well.

Scott Kriz
VP of Product
Fastpoint Games

Jon is dedicated to delivering excellent results, no matter the task. His fair, well-composed, and empowering managerial style makes working for him enjoyable. He found innovative ways to take the NBA’s fantasy basketball product to the next level, despite limited resources. I have confidence that Jon will be successful no matter the line of work because of his intelligence, creative insights and dedication.

Justin Lyons
Senior Coordinator
National Basketball Association