5 Ways to Annoy Your Facebook Fans [Infographic]

Here’s the problem: For years, no one knew how to effectively leverage a Facebook presence. But now, everyone and their moms know the generic secret sauce:

  • Post lots of photos;
  • Ask questions;
  • Use a call to action;
  • Stir up emotion;
  • Keep it short; and
  • Blah, blah, blah…

So Facebook marketers big and small are now trying to squeeze these best practices into every post. When they do, it often comes off as forced, phony and unnatural.

I’m not suggesting that using any of these tactics in moderation is bad. But the key to good marketing is to not look like marketing at all.

Look, I’m an open book (and a poet, apparently!). I’ve been using Facebook for business purposes for over five years now, so I’ve tried it all. I’m not going to say that I’ve never done any of this stuff. But I also learn from my mistakes, and I want to make sure you do, too.

I know that I’m not the only one who is annoyed by abuse of this stuff, and it seems no one else has the courage to write it. So I’ll be that guy.

Without further adieu, here are the types of posts that, when abused, will annoy your Facebook Fans… or maybe just me.

1. Which disease do YOU hate the most?

The Offense: The Unnatural Question
Why It’s Annoying: I get it. Questions encourage engagement. But sometimes, asking a question just makes you sound like a cheese ball. And I tend to unlike cheese balls.

2. Click LIKE if you enjoy being manipulated!

The Offense: The Manipulative Call to Action
Why It’s Annoying: Any good marketer knows how to use a call to action. But great marketers use them subtly. There’s a fine line here between great marketing and sleazy, so walk that line carefully.

3. Life is like a box of chocolates.
Surround yourself with sweet people, but be careful.
You never know what you’ll find inside.
Some might be filled with coconut, and that stuff is freaking nasty. – Unknown

The Offense: The Inspirational Quote Grab Bag
Why It’s Annoying: If your Page was created for the purpose of being inspirational, fine. But otherwise, your random and unrelated quotes are obvious fluff filler created with the purpose of cheap clicks.

4. I will click Like on this post because _____________.

The Offense: The Fill in the Blank
Why It’s Annoying: I have no problem with people using this in ways that are relevant to their brand, product or industry. But like the call to action, there is a fine line. Offer value with the fill in the blank. If you don’t, the post fails because it is a clear marketing ploy.

5. Caption this photo of me riding a shark in Hawaii!

The Offense: The Photo Caption
Why It’s Annoying: Not all photo captions are annoying, but a good way to annoy me is to constantly ask me to caption a photo of you doing awesome things. I get it. Your life is amazing. Pass the medication.

Your Turn

Oh, I know what you’re saying. This is where I create my own unnatural call to action. Yep, it is!

Anything missing from this list? Let me know in the comments below!

5 Ways to Annoy Your Facebook Fans