5 Transformational Website Design Elements from Marcus Sheridan

Each Sunday, I will share an inspiring blog post that I read during the past week.

Marcus Sheridan the Sales Lion

This is that cool guy Marcus Sheridan…

One of my favorite bloggers is Marcus Sheridan, AKA The Sales Lion. Professionally, the guy is a marketing genius and I learn something new each time I read his blog. Personally, he’s just a good dude, and I appreciate how he injects aspects of his life that I can relate to (like fatherhood and a work-life balance).

I love how transparent Marcus is. He has no secrets. He wants you to learn from his mistakes as well as get a peek behind the curtain to understand how he found success.

His blog post this week (5 Powerful Design Elements that will Transform Your Blog into a REAL Business) was a great example of that. He detailed his recent site redesign, mapping out what exactly he did and why. I learned quite a bit from it and plan to implement some of what he shared on my own site.

The five design elements he suggests are the following:

  1. The YOU Statement: Who you are, what you do and your vision should be clear!
  2. Funnel Marketing and Opt In Boxes: Your homepage should focus on what’s important
  3. Utilize Video and the Power of Personal: Tell your story in a prominent video
  4. More Social Proof: Let happy customers convince readers to subscribe or buy
  5. The Power of the Post Footer Opt-In: After a post, readers are ready to take action!

I won’t retell his blog post. Go ahead and read it here. It’s terrific!