22 Tips for New Blog Post Ideas [Infographic]

It’s Infographic Saturday! This week I’m featuring a terrific infographic by CopyBlogger (designed by BlueGlass).

I write a blog post every day, sometimes more than one. While I have my own strategies to maintain a steady blog topic pipeline, the volume of content I write does occasionally make creativity challenging. That’s why infographics like this one are so valuable.

I haven’t used all of these methods, but here are a few that you’ve likely seen on my blog:


Current examples are this Infographic Saturday feature along with Sunday’s Featured Blog Post. An older feature I wrote was Shedding Light on Social Media, where I listed all of the illuminating blog posts that I read during the past week.

This is a good way to take the pressure off of creating something completely original, and the ideas of others can also help start discussion.

Let a Guest Write

I haven’t done this often, but Amanda DiSilvestro has written a couple of guest posts here. It’s always nice to get a different perspective, and I welcome the break!

Review Something

Here are a few examples of products I’ve reviewed:

These are easy since I get to shift my focus a bit and simply write about a product I use regularly.

Share Your Success

Here are a couple of examples:

It’s good to show a human side, and sharing in successes is one way to do that!

Relive the Memories/Recycling

I write a ton of content, so occasionally I’ll write a piece (I guess this is an example of that) that aggregates blog posts within a single category for easier access. Here are a few you’ve likely read on these pages:

Take a Walk

For me, I take a run. It’s a good way to clear the head of distractions and focus. I need to do more of this!

Get Personal

Every now and then, I’ll talk about my family. Here are a few blog posts that I’ve written recently that got a little personal:

And of course, there’s the About Me page that tells just about everything you need to know about me (and more).

You can view the original blog post here. Which of these exercises do you use?

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