It’s Here: The Jon Loomer Digital Referral Program

Jon Loomer Referral Program

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Back in July when I launched my first training course, I had immediate plans to start a referral program. The course outsold my wildest expectations, and customers were begging for a program.

But it didn’t come together. I was never satisfied with the systems available.

Fast forward to today, and the program is 100% ready. Current customers can now receive commissions for products they sell using a referral link.


Helping Build Your Business

During the first couple of years of my business, I relied heavily on affiliate commissions. I didn’t have my own products yet, so I sold the products of the people I trusted.

In the beginning, I don’t know how I would have kept the lights on without these programs. While I refused to build a business entirely through hawking products for others, it was a perfect situation to collect commissions for products I used and loved anyway.

This is my chance to return the favor. Maybe you’re in a similar position I was in a couple of years ago. Every extra dollar helps. And since you’re already one of my customers, you know the value of the products you may be recommending anyway.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have the support of so many who have promoted my products with no expectation of compensation. But now we can make money together.


The Program

You may be familiar with the process, but humor me. If you are accepted into the program, you will be given a referral link that is unique to you. You use that link to drive people to my products (via social media, email, banner ads, etc.). A cookie will track whether those who clicked that link resulted in a purchase.

If your referral link led to the purchase, you will earn a commission. If referral links were clicked by the same user from multiple referral partners, the first link clicked will be given credit.

Referral partners will be broken into tiers:

  • Bronze Level – 15% Commission (first 10 sales)
  • Silver Level – 20% Commission (after first 10 sales)
  • Gold Level – 30% Commission (top sellers and by invitation only)

This tiered approach rewards those who sell the most. Once you sell 10 products, all future products sold will be at 20% commission.


The Products

As I write this, there are two products (both are training courses):

Both are the most comprehensive courses on their respective topics available anywhere. Both currently consist of 35+ lessons, written and video, including an assignment at the end of each lesson to hold you accountable.

Those who purchase these courses will also receive applicable updates at no cost. For the Power Editor course in particular, this is critical given the constant changes. If you bought that course, updates are coming!

Both of these courses sell for $147, though my model will soon be changing. That change will provide more opportunities for you to earn additional commissions.


Upcoming Products

These two courses represent the tip of the iceberg. I have immediate plans for the following launches which will all be eligible for the referral program:

  • Private Membership ($97/month recurring)
  • Website Custom Audiences Workshop ($147)
  • Power Editor Course – broken into three modules ($147 each)
  • General Ads Course – broken into three modules ($147 each)
  • Self-Serve Ads Tool Course – broken into three modules ($147 each)

All but the private membership will be a one-time purchase and commission. The membership, however, gives you a chance at a recurring commission (more on that coming).

Helping You Sell

You may be an expert referral partner who has done this before. Or maybe you believe in my products and this is your first time. I’m here to help.

From the start, you’ll be given banner ads for all eligible products that you can sell. Soon I will provide regular tips, email templates and tweets that are proven to lead to conversions.

I want to help you be successful!

Who Is Eligible?

This was a major sticking point for me, and one of the reasons it took me so long to launch. I know that such a program opens Pandora’s Box for all kinds of potential problems. And I wanted to limit this.

I don’t want just anyone selling my products. I don’t want serial affiliates who will sell anything and everything — and are deceptive while doing it — representing me.

I only want people who use and love my products already to sell them. So if you want to sell my Power Editor course, you’ll need to be a Power Editor course customer. Same goes for any product that you want to sell.

My marketing philosophy is built around transparency and honesty. No shortcuts. No misleading hard sells.

This approach needs to continue through those who sell for me.

The Payment

The minimum commission payout is $50. So once you’ve accumulated that much, you’ll be eligible for a payout.

Note that payments are made during the first week of every month. Any commissions earned will be eligible for payout two months later.

All payments are made via PayPal, so you need a PayPal account to participate. Any applicable fees will apply.

Get Started!

Go here to get the process started. It’s easy and it’s painless!

The link above will direct you to a form to provide your name and email address to request more info. Make sure that you use the same email address that is associated with any products you have bought.

After submitting, you will then receive a notification from me, letting you know whether you are eligible for the program. If so, you’ll be directed to a registration form where you’ll need to provide additional information.

Following a short approval process (no more than 15 days), you will be notified whether you have been accepted. As mentioned earlier, you can only sell the products you already own and love.

Once approved, start selling!

Have Questions?

Let me know if you have any questions about the program below. Thanks!