How to Use Facebook Graph Search to Learn About Your Fans

Facebook Graph Search can be an excellent tool for brands to learn more about who their Fans are and what other things they like. Marketers can use this information to craft their marketing messages as well as set up interest targeting for their advertising.

Following are examples of searches that I ran to learn more about the Facebook Fans of Jon Loomer Digital. Clearly, some of this information is more valuable than others.

Feel free to run similar searches to learn more about the people who like your Facebook Page!

1. Pages liked by people who like…

This is what they call “overlap.”

Facebook Graph Search Pages Liked

2. Pages liked by people who like [two pages]…

How about another qualifier! Now it gets interesting…

Facebook Graph Search Pages Liked By People Who Like

3. Favorite interests of people who like…

These are the things you should add to the Precise Interests area when targeting your Facebook ads.

Social Media obviously isn’t a surprise. But Photography and Travel? Interesting!

Facebook Graph Search Favorite Interests

4. Groups of people who like…

Maybe you should join some of these groups?

Facebook Graph Search Groups

5. Pages liked by Marketers who like…

That’s right, you can filter by occupation. Valuable!

Facebook Graph Search Occupation

6. Pages liked by people over the age of 25 who like…

Okay, now let’s focus only on people over the age of 25…

Facebook Graph Search Age

7. Pages liked by women who like…

Or filter by gender!

Facebook Graph Search Gender

8. Pages liked by men over the age of 25 who live in Australia and who like…

Okay, let’s combine four different qualifiers now…

Facebook Graph Search Four Qualifiers

9. Favorite interests of women over the age of 25 who live in United Kingdom and who like…

And one more…

Facebook Graph Search Interests Four Qualifiers

10. Places in Denver, Colorado visited by people who like…

My people like sports and fish!

Facebook Graph Search Places

11. Restaurants in Denver, Colorado visited by people who like…

Would be great for brick and mortar businesses.

Facebook Graph Search Restaurants

12. Movies liked by people who like…

Sure, this may not be particularly helpful for my brand. But what if my business was in the entertainment industry?

Facebook Graph Search Movies Liked

13. Games played by people who like…

Again, this may be more helpful for a company that built a Facebook game. And you’d probably want to use more qualifiers like gender and age.

My Fans love Criminal Case!

Facebook Graph Search Games Played

14. Favorite music of people who like…

Happy to see there are no boy bands at the top!

Facebook Graph Search Favorite Music

Your Turn

Any other searches that you’ve found valuable that you’d like to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Carey

    WOW! I’ve been waiting for this post, Jon. Can’t wait to use this valuable information.

  • Scott Linklater

    I get zero results for all those searches using your page, my page and any other page??? :(

    • Jon Loomer

      Possible that the lingo is different depending on the location? Many times I started typing in a search, and Facebook automatically recommended something else.

  • Thanasut Vudthivichai

    Great post again. Thanks Jon!

  • Corey Potter

    Thanks SOO much for this post, is there a reference somewhere for the different modifiers and types of things you can search for? The ideas in this post are an amazing place to start!

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Corey! Actually, I was looking for the same and only came to these through trial and error. If you find anything, let me know!

  • LinRP

    Jon–this is so generous and valuable. Thank you SO much. I was doing some of it, but your examples opened the floodgates.

  • Mari Smith

    @jonloomer:disqus — you are such a hoot! I love the way your mind works!! :)

  • Anneliz Hannan

    This is a great help Jon, always appreciate your tutorials and insight.

  • Antonio Calero

    What a great compilation of examples on how to leverage the power of Graph Search (and I’m sure there would be hundreds more!) BTW, do you have this function available yet? Lucky you….I’m still waiting…

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Antonio! I was only able to write this because I FINALLY have it. You have to be getting it soon!

      • Antonio Calero

        Well…if it’s true what they say that “good things take time”, then this should be AWESOMELY GREAT :) (how much it’s been ? 6 months? )

        • Jon Loomer

          I think it’s been six months!

  • Kenneth

    That’s amazing, I want it!!! (seems a never-ending wait here in Australia until we get FB features)

  • Cécile Chabot

    Hello Jon, this is really valuable indeed. I signed up for graph search for my author page… and am now on the waiting list.

    • Jon Loomer

      For me, the most value here is in the potential. It’s interesting right now. But it could be great!

    • Small Business Helper, UK

      How do you sign up for it?

  • Efrat Dekel

    how reliable is it? no indication of how many fans overlap between 2 pages.

  • venkyiyer58

    I presume I will get my graph search sometime in this lifetime. Till then, I will experience it second hand, as with Jon Loomer.

    • Kirien Sangha

      You and me both. I’m not sure why the UK is so far behind.

      • David Machin

        The UK does have it. You just need to add another ‘Manager’ and use that login and it magically appears. Why is it set up like that? I can’t begin to imagine.

        • Kirien Sangha

          Hi David, thanks so much for that. I will try it out!

        • Catherine Lloyd Evans

          At the risk of sounding like a dufus, David – how do you add another Manager and get round the login process? ie I’m already a manager, and FB won’t let me use a different email address to add another manager – so in theory I’d have to choose someone else and add them…or am I missing something?

        • Ian Brodie

          Actually, you don’t. At least not now. What you do need to do is set your language to US English. That enables it.

  • Law @ Drumtrip

    Would be lovely if I had access to it yet!!

  • Ian Wright

    Still waiting here too……

  • Adam G

    great post! one key limitation here though is that while you can filter to your hearts desire, you can’t sort.

    If you want to see which movies your page’s fans like, for example, you can but the list isn’t sorted by which one is liked by the most people. right now, it just says “People like this movie.” if it said “X people like this movie” or if you could sort by group size, it would be a legit game changer.

    • Jon Loomer

      Good point, Adam! Would be a nice option.

      • Filip Galetic

        Agreed. Also it’s sometimes not clear if the criteria for ranking the results is having your own friends like the brand as the top results almost always have a few of my own network liking it. Could it be connected?

        • Supersize Blogging

          You can use it to research any brand

    • Guido Picus

      Adam, what you’re referring to is actually possible. I’d rather not shamelessly promote our services but in the spirit of sharing ideas and knowledge – we’ve have developed Facebook data-mining services where we’re able to pull “likes”, “interest” data from groups. You can read more about here:

  • Neil Ferree

    I’m sure Google+ engineers are licking their chops • some in envy most in oh yeah!

  • Kim Jimenez

    GANGSTER review! As always, thanks for the great information. I love the spam feature, it really helps me figure out what an audience likes/dislikes. It’s so much easier to see it right on the ads dashboard than have to export data, wish more of the insights you can view on the exported version were on the dashboard!

    • Jon Loomer

      GANGSTER is exactly the sentiment I was going for!

  • Filip Galetic

    Finally got access today and this article is helping me a lot making sense of it in marketing my clients – thanks!

  • SA4imedia

    Really great information. Thank you.

  • Ileane

    Thanks for this Jon. I’m listening to your recent chat with Amy which referred back to this strategy. Very helpful! I actually turned graph search off (by changing my language to UK English) because I didn’t realize it could be used this way but now I see how handy it is for running promotions.

  • Kajal Patel

    Super cool! (y)

  • Valeria Landivar

    This is Amazing!!!! Thanks Jon :)

  • Nitish Dhiman

    Once again Jon Come with a cracking post. Great work Jon

  • Brett Fogle

    What do you do with this information?

    • Emily Graham

      Hi Brett, when you create your ads, you can target the people by interests so that your ads are more effective.

  • Rohini Chauhan

    This is simply awesome Jon, adds so much value to the Graph Search feature!! But, the next big question would be, how next to use this information for advertising with Power Editor?

    • Jon Loomer

      These are the pages you target in Precise Interests.

      • Rohini Chauhan

        Ok, that’s a great lead for people like me who are still testing out Power Editor!! Thanks a zillion!! Most of the time, it’s like shooting in the dark, trying to know what works and what doesn’t :-)!!

  • Catherine Lloyd Evans

    Very frustrated that I don’t have GraphSearch – no wonder I’ve been baffled by the screenshots! There seems to be no way to ‘sign up’ for it either, despite Facebook’s help centre pages. Boooooo!

  • Karate Champ

    I wanted to try it today but it says it’s in beta and I can only sign up to a waiting list ….

    • Jon Loomer

      I’ve heard that changing your language to English US will actually give you Graph Search (if you haven’t already). Worth a try.

      • Karate Champ

        Thanks Jon – yeah, it works after changing language to eng-us:) Appreciate your help

      • Renatas Andrejevas

        Yes that worked for me too. Great post. Thank you!

      • sharon

        Great! FINALLY got this to work by doing as others have suggested and changing language to English (US), but then I also realised I can’t do graph search from my business page, I need to be doing it from my personal page. WORKED. YAY.

  • james samy

    Love this post @jonloomer:disqus . Thank you for sharing this power info.
    Never knew this after Lynn Terry from shared in her group.
    Once thank you Jon , @MariSmith:disqus , Lynn Terry and all here .. your Q & A below is

  • Ian Brodie

    For those, like me, who are outside the US and have been struggling and not getting access, the trick is you have to set your Language on your account settings to US English. If it’s anything else like British English or Pirate English or whatever, it won’t work.

  • MultiTestingMom

    I’ve never thought to do this before – thank you for pointing it out :)

  • Michael S

    Thanks for the great tips. Question: Is there a way to tell HOW MANY of your fans like the pages/games/groups displayed in these results without counting them one by one? I know you can click on the “People who like [page name] like this” link next to each search result, but was looking for a quicker way to see the numbers.

    I was assuming the highest number of shared likes would be in the first search result, but this wasn’t true for me. When I searched for “Games played by people who like [my page]”, the first result had 11 shared likes and the second one had about 70!

  • Derek Murphy

    This is really awesome – thanks for the info, I’m using it now to find people interested in self-publishing and discover what they’ve liked.

  • saritlotem

    Hi Jon,
    Awesome list, really useful.

    Can you explain the
    Pages liked by Marketers who like…

  • Armaan Khanna

    Excellent Jon.. This is what exactly I need right this moment.
    Thank you so much for the excellent post!..

  • Karina

    What an incredible research tool i’ve been missing. Great post

  • Kalinda

    great post!

    • Jon Loomer


  • Gery

    Is it possible to run an add for people who like the fan page of my competition? If so, how? Thanks!

    • Jon Loomer

      You can target a particular page in Interests. Some pages won’t show up. Some will be more targeted than others. Technically, it includes anyone who mentions that interest/page in their profile/timeline. I have lots of success with my niche, but anything that starts getting more general tends to go too broad.

  • Avril Tighe

    Any of the suggested ways to use graph search don’t come up with any results. Is this because not everyone’s page has it?

    • Jon Loomer

      Good be because you don’t have Graph Search. Also, the language you use could be different from country to country.

      • Avril Tighe

        Is there any way of knowing whether or not I have graph search other than not getting the results you show? I’ve checked the language settings.

  • Abe

    In the Facebook advertising business for 3 years, always researched outside of Facebook and by experimenting. The best lesson I got so far!

  • Brittany

    Great Article. When FB lists the groups/pages/interests is it possible to see what percentage of your fans fall into those groups/pages/interest. Or does FB list them in order of highest percentage?

  • Nodws

    Jews who like bacon

  • Branko Kral

    I love using “Upcoming Events of People Who Liked [My Page]”. Great knowledge for both online interaction and offline promo/sponsorship opportunities.

    • Scott Benson


  • Michael Washington

    Is there any way to sort this information? Like which pages have the most overlap and such? As is, this information is hardly useful.

  • Jayne B

    Hi, I gave this a try and as per the attached image, it didn’t work. My guess is because neither of the business names, mine or that of the business I paired my page with are bolded. I presume this means that Facebook is not recognizing them as pages. Any suggestions?


    • Roberta Styles-Wood

      You have to search as yourself, not as your page :)

    • Kath

      Looks like you haven’t got graph search – you’re still on regular old search.

  • Grzegorz Mikołap

    @jonloomer:disqus Great content, but I tried it today, this is all I got, didn’t even want to show me the way you have in your blogpost. any ideas? thanks

  • Anthony

    Can you find how influential your followers/fans are on facebook via graph search? Things like how many friends they have, how often they post?

  • Karolina

    Hi Jon, I know this post was years ago, but I came back to it and I have a question (maybe you´ll still answer). The Graph Search gives different results depending whether I search from my Polish account or my friend´s Swedish account. When I try to use it for one of our clients (I use the page not as me, but as the client), it stops displaying any results. What could be the reason? The language on the bottom is set to English (US). It should be checked not by the admins, but by the admins using the page so that it shows fans of the page, not our friends, is it correct?

    • Stefan Malic

      It doesn’t even work for me anymore :( not sure if they removed it for my country or what.

  • Vipul Mistry

    Jon — this is an older post, but is this still available? I don’t believe so. Trying to figure out the overlap between two groups. Any thoughts?

  • Kara Macdonald

    Is this still relevant?