How to get the Recommendations Box for your Facebook Page

You know what’s powerful? Social Proof.

Provide proof from satisfied customers that your product works. Provide proof from experts in your field stating that you know what you’re talking about. Provide proof from the community that your content has value.

Facebook Page Recommendations Box

That’s why you see so many testimonial pages on websites. It’s also why third party apps are springing up on Facebook that provide ways for Fans to recommend Pages.

The reason such apps have been created was that it seemed that the Recommendations Box on Facebook Pages were going away. Somehow disappearing, and no one knew how to bring them back.

I couldn’t tell you if this is a recent Facebook development or if I just stumbled on this by dumb luck, but nearly any Page owner can have a Recommendations box. The solution is so easy it’s silly.

1. Go to Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update Info

2. Enter a Physical Address

3. Check the Box to “Show this map on the Page.”

And that’s it.

For whatever reason, Facebook only allows Recommendations for Pages that have not only provided a physical location but chose to display a map within their applications. If you uncheck the box to display the map, the Recommendations box disappears.

If you don’t want to show your actual address, there is a semi-workaround. Facebook needs to find your address on the map for this to work, so you can’t enter a bogus address. You can enter your home address first until the map comes up, then enter something more general. For me, the map stays.

The downside of that is that the map for the legitimate address is still there, even though you changed that address. If you really don’t want to share that, it’s something you’ll need to weigh.

But you can also bury the Map at the bottom of your applications. Most people don’t look at anything other than your first four apps anyway. That doesn’t mean no one will, but it’s hardly going to be visible.

The exception to this trick is any business classification that doesn’t allow you to enter a physical address. There are a few. But you don’t need to use the “Local Businesses” classification. I got it to work with “Websites & Blogs.”

If you still have trouble, I’ve heard of some people who got it to work once entering a couple “Sub-Categories” on the Update Info page. Worth a try at least.

Personally, I find this to be a very valuable addition to my Page. If you try the steps above, let me know if it works for you in the comments below!

  • Peggy Hartnett

    Jon! It WORKED!!! Thanks so much – I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that and you’ve solved the puzzle for us. Yea!!!

    • Jon Loomer

      Woo hoo! Happy to help, Peggy.

  • Tony Taylor

    Worked great. Thanks.

    • Jon Loomer

      Great to hear, Tony!

  • Yael Rotem

    I’ve tried to ented the real address for some of my pages. Facebook doesn’t determine the location on the map/ what could be the reason for that?

    • Jon Loomer

      Hmmm… Not sure. Possibly Facebook only has certain metro areas mapped? I’d try various ways of entering your address, too (use “Street” vs. “St.” for example).

      Good luck!

  • PageWise Social Media

    Facebook doesn’t recognise any addresses outside of the major cities here in the West of Ireland. So I tried a valid address in a city miles from here. I got the map, but no recommendations box! Do you think it needs a minimum number of likes?

    • Jon Loomer

      Shouldn’t be a minimum likes count. I did this on my test page with 50 likes and it works like a charm.

  • Liz

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work. Any more tips?

    • Jon Loomer

      That’s odd. Did the map come up for you? If Facebook can’t generate a map, it won’t work. You’ll also need to check the box to display the map.

      Other than that, not sure! This has worked for most people, but possible there’s a quirk.

      Good luck!

      • Andrew Seabrook

        Ive added the address but not getting the check box appear! doh!

        • Jon Loomer

          It must be that Facebook doesn’t recognize that location. Other than trying different variations, not sure what to suggest!

  • Back&Neck

    My previous comment seems to have disappeared, so I’ll try again –

    I feel like a real techno-doof. I went to Edit Page > Update Info, but there is no place to enter an actual address on my page. I get “category” “username” “about” etc… Is there a setting on my business page? Do I need to change something on my personal profile? Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong?


    • Jon Loomer

      There are some Business classifications that don’t require a physical address. So on that same Edit Page screen, you may want to experiment with other classifications that may fit your business that will allow you to provide an address.

      • Back&Neck

        Thanks, that was it. We’re a community page, so there really isn’t another category that I could find that we fit into. Ah well. Thanks for solving the puzzle!

  • Ruth Sheahan

    You’re brilliant! I’ll be sharing this — with attribution– in my new facebook set up webinar, thanks!

    • Jon Loomer

      You’re awesome, Ruth! Let me know when it’ll be.

  • A.D. Quehl

    Hi….I just tried this again even though our address has long since been entered with a map showing. Still no recommendations box. Insight?

    • Jon Loomer

      AD — You also have the box checked to display the map on your Timeline? If so, I’m stumped.

  • Margarete Loewinski Nudel

    Where do I find the map? I have searched everywhere…Do I need an application for this?

    • Jon Loomer

      No application needed. Within the Edit Info page of your Admin Panel, you are asked to enter your address. If you do that and check the box to add the map, it should happen — minus Facebook being unable to find your location.

  • Amy Baumcratz

    Very strange, I get this: We couldn’t determine the location from the provided address. Make sure to enter a valid address. Even though it is a valid address. Hmmm….

    • Jon Loomer

      Yeah, this tends to happen, Amy. I’d try a few variations of the address, but it seems Facebook just isn’t able to find some addresses.

  • Natalie Louise Fearnley Garcia

    I can add my address, but there is no button for “show this map on my page”?

    • Jon Loomer

      Is a map generated when you enter your address? If Facebook can’t find the address, that may be the problem.

  • Cheryl Orletsky

    I’m one of the unfortunate ones… and am open to suggestions. I’ve added an address, it populated with a map, which is checked to ‘show’… however no ‘recommendations’ box anywhere to be seen. I’ve changed the business classification, added sub-categories, all to no avail.

    Is it possible that the box doesn’t show being ‘empty’ and will only show once a recommendation has been made. If so, any idea where would someone find the empty box, or the option to make a recommendation?

    I have another page ( that has had the box for a long time, and just never clued in that my other page didn’t have it, until someone on facebook asked me where to post a testimonial.

    Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can offer.


    • Jon Loomer

      Cheryl — I see the Recommendations box on your page!

  • Stef

    ok my problem with this is, no matter what address i put in, the map won’t pop up no matter what. i’m under local business, and then professorial services so it’s not that. and like i said, i’ve tried every possible address, it always says can’t determine location from provided address…

    • Jon Loomer

      Stef — This is a common problem likely associated with where you live. Unfortunately no apparent solution!

  • Leigh

    Jon, perhaps you can help. A customer left feedback on our page and two of their friends commented on his recommendation, one with a question about our services. If I click to add a comment, I can only do so from my personal account, not the Business Page. Even when I have designated that I am “liking, posting, etc. as Business Page.” Any tips?

    • Jon Loomer

      Hi, Leigh! Did you complete the comment? Sometimes Facebook shows that you are commenting as your profile, but when you submit it actually goes through as your page. Worst case, I’d see no reason why you can’t comment personally and say you are a representative of your company.

  • Coby

    Jon – when someone leaves a recommendation it seems as if the recommendation will also be posted to that person’s friends’ newsfeed. However some of my friends are saying they see my recommendations and others don’t. Any knowledge on this?


  • FB Frustation

    hi! thanks for the info… It appears that it DID work, and the recommendations box popped up on my page, but NOT in my view. I had someone check for me, and when they went to my page, it was there. May I just say… FB is a royal pain? :) Thanks for your blog, I’ll be checking back for other info in the future, I am sure!

  • Aleasha Winters

    hi, we are a company in costa rica ( a country where we don’t have street names or addresses!) any idea what we can put in the address box that facebook will recognize? i don’t care what it is really as long as it helps us get the recommendations box!

  • scout

    yes it worked! great thank you

  • Jane Howitt

    Umm… I clicked ‘Edit Info’ and got taken to all the info stuff … but nowhere to add an address :(

    Is it me… or Facebook?

    • Becky M

      You have to hit “Basic Information” when you are in the edit section.

  • juana

    hi i used to have the box up and did everything you said.. but the box disappeared some time ago and i don’t know how to get it back

  • DeebGhanma

    We couldn’t determine the location from the provided address. Make sure to enter a valid address.

  • JulieP

    I tweaked our address and the recommendations box popped up, but how do you post to that section? I can’t click on it or anything..Thanks for the help!

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  • Jerry Russell

    have everything you stated already and still no more recommendations. do I need to actually change the address like JulieP idt?

  • Jerry Russell

    oops my bad. it’s there

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  • G-man

    I got the recommendations to pop up, but no one can actually type a new one. They were just random comments left a year ago from a client. How can I fix that or do I need to search for an app?

  • Vjeran Hodko

    Hi Guys, I’ve been using the recommendation box for some time now and I think it’s a great idea. Furthermore, I would actually like to see how i could have the box appear on my website, aka ”42 People recommend us on Facebook!” – read what others have to say about us..

    Does anyone know if this is possible? I’ve been browsing the facebook developers site and there is something called ‘recommendations box and recommendations bar’. Has anyone used these before?


  • cls

    Worked perfectly, thanks so much!

  • AmyE

    Thanks, really helpful, never would have found that by myself!

  • Lindsey Watson

    Thanks for this advice! Just tried it and it worked. However, I had to change my page from a Brand to a Company. It appears that Facebook is now classing it as a “Place” rather than a “page”, which is frustrating. Not sure why they don’t allow brands to add their address (which would then trigger the map and the recommendation box). Am going to keep messing with this until I get something I am happy with, but your article has pointed me in the right diretion.

  • shannon

    This did not work!

    • Victor Hugo Concepcion

      It does work. You just will not see from the perspective of the administration. You have to switch to your regular Facebook personal page. You will not see it as a FB app. but as a click button next to “Like” as “Review.”

  • Esthy Klein

    It works like a charm!
    Thank you!!

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  • Mike S Brooks

    If you cannot get this to work by adding location, try changing your category. Mine was set to Local Business in both drop downs. I changed it to People/Public Figure and the recommendations box showed right up. I then changed it back to local business on both categories just to see what would happened and the recommendations box remained. Go figure. It’s there now…

    • Mike S Brooks

      A quick response to my own response… Another issue could be if you already had your address and the maps checkbox was selected but the recommendation box is not on your page, try unselecting it and save it. Then go back in and reselect it and save it. This may work as well.

      • Si Brooks

        You have a name like mine. =]

  • Janine Ashton

    Hey thanks for this info, it appears to have worked after getting my friends to take a look on page. Is there anyway that I can it to show in my view on my page?

  • PDubbz

    I see the value in recommendations but dont like the fact the page owner cant engage with the recommendation to ‘Like’ or thank the poster in a comment – unless I’m just unaware of how to do this…? Equally, the page owner loses control over being able to resolve a complaint if a user decides to write a complaint instead of a compliment

  • Samm

    I live in Houston, TX where most addresses should be known. And the map check box doesn’t pop up when I add an address. Facebook is getting less and less user friendly.

  • Special Treasures

    can you help with this plz?? im not the only one with this problem

    I’m after a recommendation box but need a map to show where im based but I do not have this on my pages as its been deleted how do I get it back???

  • struggling intern


  • Saad Qaiser Khan

    Hey jon can you please tell me what could be problem with this website recomendation box here is URL

  • Skott Enns

    Hi there – I have tried tweaking a few things… the map box is checked, but still no recommendations box appears? If it is empty, am I supposed to be able to see it, or only others can?

  • Jbls.

    Sounds ok…Too bad my business has 3 locations and i CAN’T enter just one address as all are relevant to my brand. Sad day.

  • Becky M

    I’m pulling my hair out. I deleted the map from my page not realizing it was connected to the Recommend Box. Since reading this and all the comments, I have been able to get the map back, but no Recommend Box! Please help!

  • Mike Brooks

    Is this still working, Jon? Recent Facebook changes make the process a little different. But I noticed the box is not on my page any longer.

  • Sarah Starr

    Thanks! This should save me! But the “Physical Address” box is grayed out and I can’t enter my address, though I have a Local Business page. Any thoughts off the top of your head?

  • Jason
    • Seth

      I clicked on your link and I see recommendations now. How did you get this to work for you because I am having trouble myself. Thanks!

  • Bridgette

    I have put in my address and FB will not accept it…Any suggestions?

  • Jennifer Arnett

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to add this back for a year. It was on my page and then disappeared. Thank you!

  • Heidi Craig

    This doesn’t work for me – when I got to update address, the address is there, but no box to click ‘show this map on my page.’ It’s no where, I’ve looked everywhere. Did
    change this feature? Is there any other way to get around it to have a recommendation box?

  • xe dap dien

    hmmm i can get bing map to my page. pls help me.

    my page:

    my website:

  • Francesco Biagini

    Hi Jon I need your help if you can. I’m an Italian Developer and I’m your fan. In any of my Fan pages facebook recognize the address. it says “no street address” and I know the address is right. What could it be? Thanks

  • Angela Perez

    It does not work for me

  • Mileddy

    My page is Amate Life & Z-Club and I been trying to do it, Not sure what Im doing wrong, Please help Thanks!

  • Caroline Geertz

    Finally managed to get a recommendations box on my page, but I don’t think our clients can see it. Instead, their recommendations show up in “recent posts by others.” Is there a way to move their posts to the recommendations box?

  • Vishesh Sharma

    Nice article