4 Steps to Going Mobile with Jamie Turner [Podcast]

Jamie Turner

You need to go mobile! I invited Jamie Turner of 60SecondMarketer.com to the Pubcast this week to detail how you can go mobile in four easy steps.

17 Beautiful Mobile Responsive WordPress Themes

Streamline Genesis Framework Child Theme

You need more than a great website design. You need a website that looks great on a mobile device. Here are 17 beautiful mobile responsive WordPress themes.

27 Top WordPress Plugins that Power JonLoomer.com

WordPress Logo

The success of a WordPress website is reliant on content, design and the plugins that power it. Following are the top WordPress plugins that power my website.

How to Create a Simple Custom WordPress Widget

WordPress Logo

Not a programmer but need to create a simple, custom WordPress widget for your website? It’s a piece of cake. Here’s how…

Welcome to the NEW JonLoomer.com!

New JonLoomer.com Website

After several weeks of work, I am excited to finally launch the redesign of JonLoomer.com. Here I detail the problems the prompted it and the solutions I implemented.

Shedding Light on Social Media (April 6-12)


Some illuminating posts on social media, blogging and SEO from Jeff Bullas, Christopher S. Penn, Heidi Cohen, Portent and many more.

Review: Tweet Old Post WordPress Plugin


If you lack the time to manually schedule your own old posts to your Twitter feed, the Tweet Old Posts WordPress plugin is a great tool.

28 Essential WordPress Plugins That I Can’t Live Without

WordPress Logo

This blog post highlights the 28 essential WordPress plugins I can’t live without. They are essential to the effectiveness of this website.

How to Create a Textured Background with Photoshop


I’m not a designer by trade, but I consider myself dangerous enough to be able to solve some simple problems. The one I am going to cover today is how to create a textured background with Photoshop, whether for WordPress or any website or blog. Creating backgrounds is one of those things that is much […]

The Elements of a WordPress Site

Prince Fielder Bowling Ball Celebration

I’m open about the fact that I’m not a developer. I’m self-taught in HTML and CSS, and I know enough Javascript and PHP to be dangerous. That’s why WordPress is perfect for a guy like me. I wouldn’t dare attempt to build this site from scratch. But I know enough programming that I can take […]