Narrowcasting: Mobile vs. Social [Infographic]

Is Bigger Always Better Mogreet

Mashable shared an infographic by Mogreet this week that I don’t necessarily agree with, but is a good conversation starting. The subject: Narrowcasting.

Listen to Me Babble About Blogging and Social Media

If you missed my appearance on, listen to it here. I’s pretty clear that when you get me talking about social media I have a hard time shutting up.

Shedding Light on Social Media (April 6-12)


Some illuminating posts on social media, blogging and SEO from Jeff Bullas, Christopher S. Penn, Heidi Cohen, Portent and many more.

Shedding Light on Social Media (March 16-22)


Slack on your reading during the past week? Have no fear. Here are the highlights on the topics of social media, blogging and SEO. Enjoy!

How Marketers Can Use Facebook Interest Lists

Facebook Interest Lists

Facebook Interest Lists were launched on Thursday. Here are some ways that use them to their advantage while adding value.

6 Steps to Successful Content Curation

Facebook Like

Content curation has become an important part of my daily routine. It helps keep me sharp, diversify my content and build relationships.

Shedding Light on Social Media (Feb. 17-23)

The following are my favorite, illuminating blog posts from across the web about social media, Facebook marketing, blogging/SEO and more.

Why Pinterest is Awesome [Infographic]

This is why Pinterest is awesome. It comes down to the awesome simplicity of the core product. Complete with infographic!

Shedding Light on Social Media (Feb. 10-16)

The following are my favorite, illuminating blog posts from across the web about social media, Facebook marketing, blogging/SEO and more.

New Proof of the Correlation Between Google Referrals and Blog Commenting

I once wrote about the benefits of reading and commenting on blogs of others on Google referrals. Two weeks later, I have strong evidence.

Google’s Search Manipulation Opens SEO Opportunity

It was only a matter of time before Google began deeply integrating Google+ into their search results. It’s just smart business on their part. When you make the rules, you make sure that your properties get an added boost in the form of search results. Of course, not everyone thinks this is ethical. Twitter is […]

The Rise of Google Plus May Result in Fall of Twitter

Let me start this post by making it clear that I am a Twitter advocate. I first used Twitter in early 2009. While I didn’t embrace the platform immediately, it birthed @TweetsFrom1982 in the summer of 2010 and the entire PastKast network. I’ve had an amazing time communicating with other fans of the Milwaukee Brewers […]

How to Create a Google Plus Page for Business

Google+ finally released their business pages today, and I have already created a few. It’s very easy. The first thing you need is a Google+ account. If you don’t have one, get one. Then… Go to Maybe you don’t know much about Google+. This is a nice refresher. There’s also a video there about […]

How Klout is Killing Social Media

Klout, a third party service that measures social media “influence,” recently announced that it would tweak its algorithm. As a result, scores are tumbling. Social media geeks around the world screamed. And cried. And curled into a ball. Now, I don’t even know what Klout did to its algorithm. I don’t even care. While I […]

Google Plus May Be Right For You If…

Contact Me | Recommendations During the past few days, Facebook has made some dramatic changes to their platform. Those changes have garnered the expected response: A mixture of confusion, frustration and anger (and those who actually think it’s pretty cool). Every time this happens, users threaten to leave. This time, they actually have an alternative. […]