How to Create Multiple Facebook Timeline Apps with Static HTML

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Something changed. Can’t figure out how to create multiple Facebook Timeline apps with Static HTML now? Here’s how you do it…

Facebook Timeline For Pages: Choose Your Featured Apps

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As the clock on Facebook Timeline for Pages clicks down, one of the most important decisions will be choosing your featured apps.

How to Create a Featured Facebook Timeline App with Static HTML


Sure, you know that you need featured Timeline apps for your Facebook page. But how do you make them? Here’s how with Static HTML.

Facebook Timeline For Pages: Contact Facebook

Contact Facebook to Send Feedback about Facebook Timeline for Pages

Have a bug or improvement that you’d like to report about Facebook Timeline for Pages? Here’s how to contact Facebook and make a difference.

Problem: Can’t Select Year for Facebook Milestones

When Did Your Facebook Page Begin?

If you can’t select the year you want for your Facebook Milestones on Timeline for Pages, I think I have the solution for you…

Facebook Timeline Highlights: A Clarification

Facebook Timeline for Pages Highlights

There is a lot of confusion around Facebook Timeline Highlights (not THOSE highlights) and missing posts. Here’s how Facebook can fix it.

5 Things I Love About Facebook Timeline For Pages

Coca-Cola Facebook Timeline Milestone

A while back I wrote the 5 Things I Hate About Facebook Timeline for Pages. Now, let’s lavish it with love. This is why I love Timeline!

Facebook Timeline For Pages: Behind the Liked Button

Facebook Liked Options

Missed in the Facebook Timeline and Interest Lists fanfare is the new Liked button. And if you hover over it, you’ll notice a few options.

How to Customize Facebook Page Timeline [Video]

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During the past week, Facebook posted a couple of videos to their YouTube channel that help users customize Facebook Page Timeline.

Facebook Timeline Replaces Websites for Individuals

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Facebook Timeline fills a need previously filled by stale, five-page websites. Timeline can help busy individuals get discovered.