Facebook Timeline Dimensions: Another Change


Facebook made another very minor change to Facebook Timeline cover photo dimensions that slipped through the cracks. Were you impacted?

Are Facebook Tab Views Down 53% Since Timeline?

Facebook Timeline Daily Tab Views

Mashable has reported that Facebook tab views are down 53% since the launch of Timeline. After close examination, I’m not seeing the same. Here are the details…

How to Create a Facebook Ad or Sponsored Story


Looking to create a Facebook ad or Sponsored Story utilizing the new ad create flow and objectives? Watch this tutorial first!

Your Facebook Posts Reach 16% of Fans… THE HORROR!

Facebook 16%

Your Facebook posts reach only 16% of your fans, but is this all that surprising? Not when you look at the math.

Does Facebook Timeline Impact Brand Engagement? [Study]


It’s been a month since I revealed my initial results since switching to Timeline, so it’s time for another update. Does Facebook Timeline increase engagement?

How Many Facebook Fans See Your Posts? [Results]

Facebook Experiment

I ran a Facebook experiment today to determine just how much Facebook contributes to whether or not you see updates from Pages. Here are the results…

How Many Facebook Fans See Your Posts? [Experiment]

Facebook Experiment

I’m skeptical about how much EdgeRank contributes to the number of people reported to see my Facebook Page posts. I need proof. Join in on my Facebook experiment!

New Facebook Profile Photo Size Impacts Cover Photos [Infographic]


Now that the Facebook Profile Photo size has changed to 160×160 pixels for brand Pages, you may need to update your Cover Photo. Here are the updated dimensions.

Facebook Timeline Drives 309% More Tab Views

Facebook Timeline Reach

Small sample size alert! After 13 days, Facebook Timeline drives significantly more tab views on my Page. But will it last?

Review: Create Custom Facebook Tabs With ShortStack

ShortStack Logo

Whether you don’t know code or are a coding expert, ShortStack is a great tool for creating custom Facebook tabs for your Facebook Page.

Are You Missing Your Facebook Page Private Messages?

Facebook Admin Panel Notification

Are you receiving Facebook Page private messages that are going unnoticed? Keep an eye on them since typical notifications do not apply.

How to Edit Facebook Timeline Featured Likes

Facebook Page Featured Likes

You can set which liked pages appear in your Likes box. Here is how to edit Facebook Timeline Featured Likes to strategically control it.

Impact of Facebook Timeline on News Feed Engagement: Meh

Facebook Logo

Everyone’s looking to make definitive statements about the impact of Facebook Timeline on News Feed engagement. But they miss the point…

How to Edit the Facebook Timeline Photos Icon


You’ve edited all of your Timeline icons for a consistent feel but don’t know how to edit Facebook Timeline Photos icon? Here’s how…

4 Reasons Facebook Marketing Budgets Just Went Up

Facebook Dollar Bill

Is it a coincidence that Facebook marketing budgets are going up in reaction to Timeline just ahead of the Facebook IPO? I Doubt it.