Are Facebook Tab Views Down 53% Since Timeline?

Facebook Timeline Daily Tab Views

Mashable has reported that Facebook tab views are down 53% since the launch of Timeline. After close examination, I’m not seeing the same. Here are the details…

How to Run a Facebook Contest with ShortStack

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Do you want to run a Facebook contest but aren’t sure of the rules or how to get started? It’s easy with ShortStack.

Review: Create Custom Facebook Tabs With ShortStack

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Whether you don’t know code or are a coding expert, ShortStack is a great tool for creating custom Facebook tabs for your Facebook Page.

6 Reasons Why Facebook Timeline is Better for Brands

McDonald's Facebook Page Boring

Stop your whining. If done right, Facebook Timeline is better for brands than the old format. Far better. Here are the six reasons why…

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Timeline for Pages

Facebook Timeline For Pages Dimensions Cover Photo App Icons Profile Photo

Whether you need help with your Cover Photo, Timeline Apps, Dimensions or more, this is your ultimate guide to Facebook Timeline For Pages.

Flipped the Switch: My Move to Timeline is Complete!

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It’s taken me three weeks and 25 blog posts on the subject, but I’ve finally moved to Timeline! Here are the details of the what and how.

How to Create Multiple Facebook Timeline Apps with Static HTML

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Something changed. Can’t figure out how to create multiple Facebook Timeline apps with Static HTML now? Here’s how you do it…

Facebook Timeline For Pages: Choose Your Featured Apps

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As the clock on Facebook Timeline for Pages clicks down, one of the most important decisions will be choosing your featured apps.

How to Create a Featured Facebook Timeline App with Static HTML


Sure, you know that you need featured Timeline apps for your Facebook page. But how do you make them? Here’s how with Static HTML.

Facebook Timeline For Pages: Free Facebook App Icons


Need some slick Facebook Timeline app icons to make your page look amazing? Here are six sets of free icons. We’ll also build them custom!