Get Customizable Facebook Signs for Your Business

Like Us On Facebook Sign

To be a successful marketer, you need to combine offline and online efforts. Facebook has put out some great signs that you can use in your store.

My Favorite Things: Create Facebook Tabs with ShortStack

ShortStack Logo

If you haven’t noticed by now, ShortStack is one of my all-time favorite tools. It helps me create awesome custom Facebook tabs and makes me better as a marketer.

Facebook Sponsored Results: Facebook Ads Coming to Search

Facebook Search Typehead

Tech Crunch has reported that Facebook is testing Sponsored Results in Facebook search. Here’s what we know and what this could mean…

Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

Don't Buy Facebook Likes

Should you buy Facebook Likes? The short answer: NO WAY. Here is why people buy Facebook Likes, why you shouldn’t and your alternatives.

Are Facebook Tab Views Down 53% Since Timeline?

Facebook Timeline Daily Tab Views

Mashable has reported that Facebook tab views are down 53% since the launch of Timeline. After close examination, I’m not seeing the same. Here are the details…

Frequency of Daily Facebook Posts and Reach Unrelated

Facebook Research Percentage Reach

We’ve been told to limit the frequency of posts to our Facebook Page or risk a poor EdgeRank or increased negative feedback. But does the data support the claim?

What, When and How to Post on Facebook [Infographic]

How to Get More Likes Comments and Shares by Dan Zarella

Dan Zarella of Hubspot studied 1.3 Million Facebook posts to determine what, when and how you should post on Facebook to get the most likes, comments and shares.

How to Create a Facebook Ad or Sponsored Story


Looking to create a Facebook ad or Sponsored Story utilizing the new ad create flow and objectives? Watch this tutorial first!

What Facebook Needs: Lists for Pages

Facebook Targeting

Now that I’m scheduling posts to reach Facebook fans who are awake when I’m asleep, I suddenly see a significant need for a new feature: Facebook Lists for Pages.

5 Things to Promote with Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook Promoted Posts are available, but what types of content should you promote? Facebook would tell you to promote everything, but you need to discriminate.