Frequency of Daily Facebook Posts and Reach Unrelated

Facebook Research Percentage Reach

We’ve been told to limit the frequency of posts to our Facebook Page or risk a poor EdgeRank or increased negative feedback. But does the data support the claim?

What, When and How to Post on Facebook [Infographic]

How to Get More Likes Comments and Shares by Dan Zarella

Dan Zarella of Hubspot studied 1.3 Million Facebook posts to determine what, when and how you should post on Facebook to get the most likes, comments and shares.

How to Create a Facebook Ad or Sponsored Story


Looking to create a Facebook ad or Sponsored Story utilizing the new ad create flow and objectives? Watch this tutorial first!

What Facebook Needs: Lists for Pages

Facebook Targeting

Now that I’m scheduling posts to reach Facebook fans who are awake when I’m asleep, I suddenly see a significant need for a new feature: Facebook Lists for Pages.

5 Things to Promote with Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook Promoted Posts are available, but what types of content should you promote? Facebook would tell you to promote everything, but you need to discriminate.

How to Create Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook Promoted Post

Don’t like that you’re only reaching 16% of your Facebook fans? Now you can easily promote those posts to your fans directly from your Page with Promoted Posts.

New Facebook Ads 20 Times More Effective


I know the title sounds crazy. In one day, I spent less than $20 on the new Facebook ads to net 351 new Likes on an ad that was previously ineffective.

New Facebook Ad Create Flow: Small Changes, Big Questions

Facebook Ads

Facebook has completely redone the ad create flow, and there are some material changes to the way that Facebook advertising will work. You need to know…

Facebook Marketing: What Are Your Biggest Obstacles?

Facebook Logo Orange

What are your biggest obstacles around Facebook marketing? Ask your questions, and I’ll try to provide answers in my next podcast!

8 Steps to Facebook Marketing with Limited Time

Jon Loomer Digital Facebook Timeline

Not everyone has a few hours per day to nurture a Facebook audience. If you lack time, you can still make an impact. Here is how you can get the most out of Facebook…

Why You Should Use Facebook Page Post Ads

Facebook Ads

During the past week, I ran Facebook advertising and focused entirely on Page Post Ads that targeted current fans. Here are the results and why you should try them, too.

Does Facebook Timeline Impact Brand Engagement? [Study]


It’s been a month since I revealed my initial results since switching to Timeline, so it’s time for another update. Does Facebook Timeline increase engagement?

5 Creative Uses of Facebook Offers for Businesses


Think of the possibilities that Facebook Offers can provide small businesses. Here are five ways you can use Facebook Offers and Fans will stalk your Page and updates.

How to Grow to 3,000 Facebook Likes in 6 Months

Facebook Like

I created my Facebook Page on November 2, 2011. Six months later, I am quickly approaching 3,000 Likes. I did it ethically and on a tight budget. Here’s how…

How to Request Facebook Offers for Your Page

Request Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers are slowly being rolled out to certain types of small businesses. If you don’t yet have access, this is how to contact Facebook and request Facebook Offers for your Page.