14 Facebook Marketing Goals for 2014

Facebook Marketing Goals

Are you ready to increase leads and revenue from Facebook in 2014? Start by experimenting with these 14 strategies…

How an Online Facebook Offer Targeted at Fans Resulted in 9.5X ROI

Facebook Offer Fans vs. Non-Fans Sales

I joined the crowd and ran a Cyber Monday online Facebook Offer. Here are the results, highlighted by nearly $2,000 in sales, broken down in detail…

How You Can STILL Create an Online Facebook Offer

How to create online Facebook offer

Back in June, Facebook announced they’d be eliminating online Offers. They did… or did they? Here’s how you can still create them!

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Sponsored Stories

Facebook Page Like Sponsored Story

There are more than 10 different types of Facebook Sponsored Stories. They are easy and efficient to create. Here’s the what, why and how…

Facebook Offers Option to Promote Later Removed [Do This]

Facebook Offer no Promote Later Option

The option to promote a Facebook Offer later with another Facebook ad tool has been removed. This is a big deal, but here’s a workaround…

Facebook Offers Rising Costs: What to Do? [VLOG #18]

Facebook Offers Rising Costs

The minimum cost to create a Facebook Offer is going way up. So what do you do? Here’s my answer in this week’s new and improved video blog!

6 Ways To Capture Leads From Facebook Pages

Facebook Whisper Code

Do you use Facebook to capture leads for your business? Amanda Webb stops by to tell us six ways that you can do it!

Facebook Ads: The Metric for Measuring Success and ROI

Facebook Ad Campaign Performance Metrics

Chances are that if you’re like typical advertisers measuring Facebook ad success, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s how to do it and why.

How to Use Facebook Offers to Grow Your Email List


Amy Porterfield drops by to share some incredibly unique and valuable tips about how you can use Facebook Offers to effectively grow your email list.

5 Content Ideas For Local Businesses On Facebook


Amanda Webb of Spiderworking stopped by this week to provide her tips for local businesses looking for Facebook content inspiration.