Be Like Mari: 5 Tips for Facebook Page Admins from Mari Smith’s Page


Want to succeed at Facebook marketing? Be like Mari! Mike Gingerich takes a close look at the five things you can learn from Mari Smith’s page.

Attribution Removal for 3rd Party Publishing on Facebook Good for All

Facebook attribution removal third party publishing

Facebook announced that they will be removing attribution for posts published with third party tools. Here is why this is good for everyone…

Spotted: Is Facebook Page Reach Back Up?

Has Facebook Post Reach Doubled

I recently noticed my Facebook Page Reach tripled. I used Barometer to determine Organic Reach doubled recently. Here is the data.

5 Step Facebook Marketing Action Plan

5 Step Facebook Marketing Action Plan

Last week, many brands suffered from negative response when their marketing messages were rejected. Here is what you can do to avoid a similar fate.

The Facebook Fake-Like: Enough of the Unscientific BS

Facebook Fake Liking

Is there a problem with Facebook fake-liking? Don’t know. Is it user error? Possibly. Is there a problem with bad journalism? Likely.

Overrated and Misused Stats: The Moneyball of Facebook Marketing

Moneyball of Facebook Marketing

What Facebook marketing metrics are misused? Overrated? Underrated? Let’s apply the concept of Moneyball to focus on the stats that matter.

Facebook Advertising Guidelines Change: No to Discounts


Facebook has updated their Advertising Guidelines to disallow ads that include price or purchase information, most notably discounts. Why?

Facebook Page Post vs. Timeline and Tab Exposure

Tab Timeline Views Post Impressions

How does the exposure of your Page posts compare to that of your Page Timeline and tabs? I decided to find out for my Page…

Glossary of Facebook Ad Types and Terms


Facebook advertising can be overwhelming for new and veteran users, so use this glossary of ad types and terms as a helpful reference.

Five Ways Facebook is Improving for Brands That You Probably Missed

5 Recent Facebook Changes You Probably Missed

Lost in the complaints about EdgeRank recently are five interesting enhancements that could improve effectiveness of marketing on Facebook.