Facebook Advertising Guidelines Change: No to Discounts


Facebook has updated their Advertising Guidelines to disallow ads that include price or purchase information, most notably discounts. Why?

Facebook Page Post vs. Timeline and Tab Exposure

Tab Timeline Views Post Impressions

How does the exposure of your Page posts compare to that of your Page Timeline and tabs? I decided to find out for my Page…

Glossary of Facebook Ad Types and Terms


Facebook advertising can be overwhelming for new and veteran users, so use this glossary of ad types and terms as a helpful reference.

Five Ways Facebook is Improving for Brands That You Probably Missed

5 Recent Facebook Changes You Probably Missed

Lost in the complaints about EdgeRank recently are five interesting enhancements that could improve effectiveness of marketing on Facebook.

Yes, You Have to Pay to Reach Some of Your Facebook Fans

Understanding Facebook EdgeRank

Is Facebook forcing you to pay to reach some of your Facebook Fans? Yep. And not only does it make sense, it makes Facebook a better place.

Facebook Semantics: What’s More Viral, Photos or Status Updates?

Facebook Insights Virality

What’s more viral on Facebook, photos or status updates? The answer could depend on how you define “viral” and will provide starkly different results.

Facebook’s Black Friday Missed Opportunity

Facebook's Black Friday Missed Opportunity Offers

Facebook is missing a huge opportunity on Black Friday. They have countless brands creating Offers, but there’s no way to easily find and compare.

Facebook Page Profile Photo Problem: The Fix


Have you noticed that your Facebook Page profile photo suddenly doesn’t quite fit the design with your cover photo? Here’s the solution.

Fact or Fiction: Facebook is Pay to Play


We’ve heard a lot lately about how Facebook is now Pay to Play, forcing brands to promote to be seen. Is this true? I decided to crunch the numbers.

Survey: Would You Pay for Facebook Page Business Suite Upgrade Package?

Facebook Survey 25 Dollars

Facebook Page admins are noticing a survey under their admin panel asking if they’d pay $25 per month for a business suite upgrade package.

If Facebook Blows Up Tomorrow: 3 Investments Your Business Must Make

If Facebook Blows Up Tomorrow

If Facebook blows up tomorrow, what will you have left? Don’t rely entirely on Facebook. Make sure that your business invests in these three things.

11 Factors That Drive a Facebook Content Plan That Works

Facebook Content Plan

There are 11 factors that drive a Facebook content strategy that works. These should be the source of your inspiration before you get started…

TechCrunch: Your Facebook Page Reach is Down Because You’re Spammy

Do Facebook Users Think You Are Spammy?

TechCrunch reports some interesting facts that could explain the drop in Reach for some Pages. Is your Page spammy? Here’s how to find out.

Experiment: Status Updates vs. Photos in Facebook Reach


I conducted an experiment covering two weeks. Reach for my status updates are double my photos, but then things get interesting…

What Facebook Page Notifications and Pages Feed Could Mean for Business

Facebook Page Notifications

Two features — Page notifications and Pages Feed — are being tested or rolled out. This could mean big changes in the future for businesses.