The Problem with Facebook’s 20-Percent Text in Ad Images Rule

Facebook 20 Percent Text Ad image Rule

Facebook has recently established a rule that prohibits more than 20-percent text in mages used in News Feed ads. Great, but here’s the problem…

Facebook Advertising Guidelines: Landing Pages

Facebook Advertising Guidelines Landing Pages

The landing page that you use as a destination could get your Facebook ad rejected. Here are the rules that you need to follow.

Facebook Advertising Guidelines: Targeting

Facebook Advertising Guidelines Targeting

Are you trying to promote alcohol, a dating service or adult product on Facebook and had your ad rejected? It may have been due to targeting.

Facebook Advertising Guidelines: Acceptable Language

Facebook Advertising Guidelines Language

Was your Facebook ad rejected? Possible it’s because of your use of language. Make sure your ad complies with these rules…

Facebook Advertising Guidelines: Use of Imagery

Facebook Advertising Guidelines Imagery

What images can and can’t you use in Facebook ads? This is a deep dive into the Facebook Advertising Guidelines to provide some clarity.

Facebook Advertising Guidelines Change: No to Discounts


Facebook has updated their Advertising Guidelines to disallow ads that include price or purchase information, most notably discounts. Why?