How Brands Can Maximize Facebook Organic Post Targeting by Interest

Facebook Organic Post Interest Targeting

Facebook marketers can now target their organic posts to fans with particular interests. Here’s how to determine the best interests to target…

The Ideal Naming Convention for Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook Campaign Naming Convention

The secret to an efficient Facebook advertiser who can quickly run informative custom ad reports is found within the campaign naming convention…

Checklist: 19 Custom Ad Report Tasks for Advanced Facebook Advertisers

Facebook Ad Reports Checklist

Are you using Facebook’s custom ad reports? It’s an awesome tool, and here’s your checklist to help you start mastering it today…

Facebook Remarketing: 8 Effective Website Custom Audience Strategies

Facebook Remarketing Website Custom Audience Strategies

Advertisers are finding great success remarketing with Facebook Website Custom Audiences. Here are 8 ways you can start using them, too.

Facebook Ads Reporting: Not All Website Clicks Are Created Equal


What is the quality of website traffic you’re driving when targeting fans, website visitors, lookalikes and interests? This experiment investigates…

The Value of a Facebook Post [Experiment]

Value of a Facebook Post

I determined that the value of one of my recent Facebook posts is $989.47. Here’s how I determined that value and how you can do it, too…

Daily Unique Reach: Limit Frequency of Facebook Ads to Once Per Day

Facebook Daily Unique Reach

With the Daily Unique Reach feature in Power Editor, Facebook allows you to limit the number of times you reach users with ads to once per day.

How Using Facebook URL Tags Can Help Measure Viral Impact of Posts

Facebook URL Tags

Do you use URL tags to measure the viral impact of your Facebook posts or ads? Here’s a real-life example to show you how it can be done…

A Tour: Facebook Rolls Out Changes to Ad Sets and Ads

Facebook Ad Set and Ad Changes

Facebook is rolling out changes to ad sets and ads. While some changes are cosmetic, some ad functionality. Here’s what you need to know…

How to Drive More Website Traffic with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Drive Website Traffic

Facebook drives by far the most social referrals to websites, but are you benefitting? Here’s how you can drive more traffic to your website…