How To: Facebook Insights

This is an extensive list of Facebook Insights “How To” tutorials. If you have questions regarding how to do anything with Facebook Insights, start here!

How Many Facebook Fans Visit Your Website or Convert?

How valuable is your Facebook fan base? Use this exercise to find out how many of your fans visited your website, opted in or bought from you.


Increased Post Frequency Is Helping and Killing Facebook Organic Reach

Brands are posting more frequently than ever on Facebook, and this can lead to both a positive and negative effect on organic reach. Here's how...


Faceboocalypse: Report Proves Flaws in Facebook Reach and Shares

NewsWhip recently reported a steep drop in Facebook shares. Was this due to a drop in organic reach? Or was something else up? Here's what happened...


Facebook Video Ad Features: Objective, CTA Button, Audience, Metrics

Facebook has launched some exciting new video capabilities for brands, both paid and organic. Here's what you need to know...


Experiment: What Percentage of Facebook Fans REALLY Saw Your Post?

What percentage of your fans -- who were online at the time -- did you reach with your post? Learn how to find out here...


A Second Test: Are Brands Organically Reaching the Facebook News Feed?

The overwhelming sentiment from brands is that they aren't reaching the News Feeds of their fans. So how do you explain these results?


Ultimate Guide: Facebook Insights Glossary of Terms [Infographic]

Every important Facebook Insights term -- popular and obscure -- in one infographic, broken down into Reach and Impressions, Engagement and Fan Data.


Experimenting with Facebook Website Custom Audiences

This week's Pubcast includes reactions and reflections on the SME Top 10 list, experimenting with WCAs, email vs. Facebook referrals and more!


Text Updates Devalued in the Facebook News Feed... Now What? [Video]

Facebook is limiting the reach of text updates from brand pages. Why are they doing it and what should you do? Details in this video!


Do Multi-Image Facebook Posts Lead to Increased Reach and Engagement?

It's a rumor I've heard quite a bit about lately. A trick that appears to game Facebook and lead to more reach and engagement. Does it work?


Mini-Webinar Replay: Facebook Organic Reach Under Reported (Sneak Peek)

In this episode, the following topics are covered: 1. Facebook Under Reporting Organic Reach 2. Sponsored Stories Going Away April 9 3. New Q & A Feature 4. Q&A SNEAK PEEK! Every week, I conduct a free mini-webinar to catch you up on...


Controlled Test Results: Facebook Organic Reach is Under Reported

I stumbled upon an inconsistency related to Reach. And after a controlled test, I had my answer: Facebook is under reporting Organic Reach.


14 Facebook Marketing Goals for 2014

Are you ready to increase leads and revenue from Facebook in 2014? Start by experimenting with these 14 strategies...


The 50 Most Valuable Facebook Marketing Lessons and Tutorials of 2013

Need a roadmap to Facebook marketing success? Start with this list of the 50 most popular posts of 2013...


More than Reach: How to Check These Important Metrics

Your Facebook page's Organic Reach is probably down, but what about the metrics that matter? Here is a step-by-step guide for how you can check...


Why Our Obsession with Facebook Page Post Reach is All Wrong

The angry mob is gaining steam. They have their torches and pitchforks ready. Will you join them? Read this first...


How to Maximize Organic Reach in the Facebook News Feed

Think you're screwed and can't reach your Fans in the Facebook News Feed? Think again. Do these six things to increase your Organic Reach!


An Experiment: Testing Facebook's News Feed Filtering Algorithm

Marketers are reporting a drop in Organic Reach. Are brands being squeezed? I decided to put this theory to the test by documenting my own News Feed.


14 Steps to Succeeding at Facebook Marketing

Some marketers fail at Facebook. Chances are, they don't do many of these 14 things that are common among those who succeed on the platform...


Facebook Metrics That Matter and an Ethics Debate Concerning User Data

Do you know the Facebook metrics that matter, but you've been ignoring? That topic along with the ethics of scraping data are covered on the Pubcast!


New Facebook Page Level Export: What’s Gone and What’s New

Facebook's Page Level Export has been updated. As a result, nine tabs and 19 stats are going away and being replaced by seven new tabs and one stat.


New Facebook Post Level Export: What's Gone and What's New

While much of the focus of Facebook's recent Insights overhaul has been on the web version, changes were also made to the post level exports.


Latest Facebook Changes: Ad Flow, Objectives & Insights

Learn more about Facebook latest changes associated with the new objective-based ad design and Insights as well as how you can be a guest of the show!


3 Facebook Metrics That Don't Mean What You Think They Mean

No, that Facebook metric you're obsessing over doesn't actually mean what you think it does. Here's a look at three you're likely messing up!


The New Facebook Insights: What's New, What's Awesome and What Sucks

The new Facebook Insights are being rolled out, and here is a thorough tour of all of the important changes -- including the good and the bad!


Should You Repost Old Content to Facebook? [VLOG #22]

You should repost old content to Facebook -- I do -- but you need to do so strategically. Here's how...


How to Get People Talking About Your Brand with John Haydon [Podcast]

John Haydon stopped by the Social Media Pubcast, and the result was 45 minutes packed with Facebook marketing goodness. Take a listen!


History of Facebook Reach: Where it Was, Where it Went, Where it is Now

Still complaining about your Facebook Reach? Take a look at the numbers. Emeric Ernoult provides the stats that show Reach is back to where it was...


6 Things Facebook Marketers Need to Stop Doing

I hate to come off as a bossy, nerdy, Facebook marketing-know-it-all, but I really wish people would stop doing these six things...


Facebook Fan Page Demographics: Likes, Reach and Talking About This

How much do you know about the people who like your Page, are reached with your content and create your stories? Here's how to monitor it...


FB Insights Exclusive Workshop Course Calendar [Last Chance!]

The FB Insights Exclusive Workshop is about to begin, and here is what you can expect. Not registered yet? You're running out of time!


The Moneyball of Social Media Marketing with Jeff Ferguson [Podcast]

Jeff Ferguson of Fang Digital on the Pubcast this week to talk about my two favorite topics: Baseball stats and social media marketing.


How to Measure Facebook Marketing Success [VLOG #13]

How should you measure Facebook marketing success? I break it down in this week's video blog. Also tune in for a special deal!


Facebook Insights: Monitor These 8 Ratios

Need help measuring success of your Facebook marketing efforts? Monitor these important ratios. Includes how to find them and why they're important.


Facebook Insights Reach Reporting Bug: One Month Later

A month after Facebook fixed the Reach reporting bug, I took another look at my data. While Reach is up, I discovered something I did not expect...


Advanced Facebook Insights Slideshare Presentation and Webinar Replay

Did you miss my free webinar on Advanced Facebook Insights? Watch, share and bookmark this Slideshare deck and video replay! Great reference.


Master Facebook Insights in 30 Days!

On my webinar today, I announced the roll-out of a completely new product to help you master Facebook Insights in 30 days... FB Insights Exclusive Workshop If the info in the webinar was too dense for you, here's your chance to learn from me on...


The Real Deal with 3rd Party Facebook Publishing Tools

Not only do third party publishing tools not negatively impact your Facebook page performance, they provide benefits that Facebook natively cannot.


Facebook and the Evolution of Creepiness with Mike Maghsoudi [Podcast]

Mike Maghsoudi of PostRocket made his second appearance on the Pubcast, and we covered everything imaginable related to Facebook this week.


Optimized CPM and CPC: What They Are and When to Use Them

This week's questions were about when to use Optimized CPM and CPC, the impact of increased mobile usage on Facebook apps and more!


Facebook Insights: Consumer vs. Engaged User

The Consumer and Consumption may be the most underrated and ignored of Facebook Insights metrics. Here's why they are both important and confused.


Response: Facebook Reach is the Most Important Performance Metric

Emeric Ernoult counters Jon's claim that Facebook Reach is an unimportant, fuzzy and imaginary metric. Here's Emeric's take on why it's important.


Facebook Marketing Metrics that Matter with Blake Jamieson [Podcast]

Blake Jamieson pulled up a seat at the bar and drained a few beers to discuss building a Facebook presence in a challenging industry and a lot more...


Stop Using Facebook Text Updates and Photos to Share Links

For months now, Facebook marketers have used status updates or photos with links in the text to drive traffic. They have it all wrong. Here's why.


Facebook Reach Insights Reporting Bug: It Doesn't Matter

Facebook has admitted to finding a bug in the reporting of Reach. Some people are angry. Here is my take, based on months of data.


Tutorial: Where Are Your Fans? How to Understand Geography on Facebook

Do you know where your Fans are? Dennis Yu stops by to provide tips on how to find out where your Facebook fans are and how to maximize that data.


Going Beyond the Standard Facebook Page Insights Reports

Facebook provides a wealth of data to help measure marketing results. John Haydon details what is available and how to find it.


Experiment: Status Updates vs. Photos in Facebook Reach

I conducted an experiment covering two weeks. Reach for my status updates are double my photos, but then things get interesting...


Some of Your Facebook Fans Will Never See Your Posts Again

Some of your Fans are active on Facebook and will never see a post of your again. And it's not Facebook's fault. How many do you have?


Is Facebook Page Reach for Status Updates Up? Prove It!

Many are reporting a rise in Facebook Page status update Reach while the Reach for Photos is going down. Use this spreadsheet to confirm your results!


Jon Loomer Talks... Episode #19 [Podcast]

Listen to this episode to get an exclusive offer -- Save $40 on my Facebook Page Strategic Review! You'll need the keyword to redeem.


Update: Facebook Insights Helper 1.1

A tool that helps you effortlessly analyze daily, weekly and monthly trends that impact your Facebook Page has been updated!


Dominate the Data: Facebook Insights Helper

Use this spreadsheet to easily view daily, weekly and monthly trends of 21 different metrics for your Facebook Page. Using Insights was never easier!


Is Facebook Viral Reach Down? A Problem Spotted in Insights

Have you noticed a drop in your Facebook Page's Reach lately? More specifically, the Viral Reach? You aren't alone. I was finally able to pinpoint the problem.


Facebook Page Negative Feedback: Does it Matter?

Does Facebook Page negative feedback matter, and if so how much? I dug into three months of Facebook Insights to solve this riddle.


Facebook Insights Glossary of Terms [Infographic]

Ever find yourself confused about the difference between Engagement and Consumptions? You're not alone. This Facebook Insights Glossary of Terms is for you!


14 Benefits of a Facebook Business Page Over a Personal Profile

Some businesses owners claim they should run their Facebook efforts through profiles at the risk of being shut down. Here is what they're missing...


Facebook Tip: How to View Fan Only Engagement

Think you know how to view Facebook Fan-only engagement on your Facebook Page? You probably don't. Here's how you access some important, but buried, data.


Jon Loomer Talks… (Episode #6)

This week, Jon Loomer talks about the Facebook email address controversy, the hidden treasures in Facebook Power Editor, whether frequency of Facebook posts matters and more!


Frequency of Daily Facebook Posts and Reach Unrelated

We've been told to limit the frequency of posts to our Facebook Page or risk a poor EdgeRank or increased negative feedback. But does the data support the claim?


Facebook Strategy: Share Photos to Increase Engagement

Have you noticed that I'm sharing more photos to my Facebook Page lately? There's a reason: People engage far more often with my photos than any other content.


Facebook Timeline Drives 309% More Tab Views

Small sample size alert! After 13 days, Facebook Timeline drives significantly more tab views on my Page. But will it last?