Guest Post Submission

Submit your idea for a guest post!

Every Wednesday, I will publish a post written by another author on The initial posts will be via invitation only, but I will also review guest post ideas submitted to me by people I do not know or may not have considered.

A few things…

1. Your post should be evergreen

It’s possible that your idea will not be published for several weeks. With that in mind, you should submit an idea that will have value later on (as opposed to breaking news).

2. Your post should be well organized

Break up your post with short paragraphs and headers for easy reading.

3. Your post should cover a topic in a unique way

There is a lot of content published to this website — nearly 350 blog posts in 2012. With that in mind, make sure you research this site prior to submitting an idea to make sure that it hasn’t been covered before. You can certainly cover broad topics that have been previously discussed, but you’ll need to add your own unique angle.

4. No minimum or maximum on length

That’s not much of a guideline, but the length of the post should be whatever it takes to cover your topic.

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