Facebook’s New Lookalike Audiences: What You Need to Know [Video]

New Lookalike Audiences Video

This video focuses on everything you need to know about targeting Facebook users similar to your fans, website visitors and more…

How to Sell on Facebook [Video]

Sell on Facebook Video

In this video I cover How to Sell on Facebook using targeted audiences, sharing content, and collecting email addresses.

Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons: Everything You Need to Know [Video]

Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons Video

Have you started to use Facebook’s new call-to-action buttons on organic posts and ads? Here’s what you need to know…

How to Increase Likes on Facebook with Ads [Video]

Increase Facebook Likes Ads Video Jon Loomer

Learn how you can increase your relevant Facebook likes through the use of Facebook ads. Detailed strategy includes features and ad types to use…

Facebook Website Custom Audiences: What You Need to Know [Video]

Website Custom Audiences Video by Jon Loomer

In this video, Jon Loomer tells you everything you need to know about Facebook’s latest powerful advertising tool: Website Custom Audiences.

Text Updates Devalued in the Facebook News Feed… Now What? [Video]

Facebook Text Updates Devalued Video

Facebook is limiting the reach of text updates from brand pages. Why are they doing it and what should you do? Details in this video!

Facebook Conversion Tracking: More Than Just eCommerce Conversions

Facebook Conversion Tracking Video

You should be using Conversion Tracking on your Facebook ads for more than just paid transactions. Here’s the what, why and how!

Benefits of the New Facebook Ad Reports


Have you tried out the new and improved Facebook ads reports? You should. Here are the reasons why they can improve the performance of your marketing.

How to Build a Facebook Audience From Scratch

How to Build a Facebook Audience from Scratch

Want to quickly go from no audience to authority with your Facebook Page? Follow this very thorough guide to start building your audience today!

How to Target a Facebook Ad at Your Email List in Power Editor


I answered a very complicated question about Facebook ads in four minutes. But I also was able to answer a few more questions!