Why Facebook Page Likes Still Matter

Facebook Page Likes Still Matter

If you’ve been listening to the chatter lately, you may be convinced that Facebook page likes no longer matter. Or they matter less than they once did. Allow me to disagree. In my opinion, Facebook page likes still matter. In fact, they may matter more than they ever did before. Don’t listen to the naysayers. […]

Unforgettable Oatmeal Stout: Building the Foundation For a Great Podcast

How to Start a Podcast

In this episode, Jon walks through how to start a podcast. He discusses the foundation, types of equipment you’ll need, content, themes and resources.

Lightning Strikes: On Price Changes, Inquiries and Responses

Lightning Strikes

How should you price your products and services? Which comments and questions require a response, and is there an obligation? Topics for the Pubcast…

Chocolate and Stout: Finding a Niche Within a Niche

Finding a Niche

Pull up a barstool… Jon changes direction in this week’s Pubcast, sharing insight on finding a niche within a niche and when to delegate.

Pop the Guinness: Lessons Learned and Reflections on Public Speaking

Public Speaking

It’s time to break out the celebratory Guinness and talk about breaking through barriers, overcoming fear and taking control of your professional life

Building a Business: The Importance of Structure

Building a Business

In this episode Jon talked about going outside of our comfort zone, business structure, reaching milestones and setting business goals…

The Changeup: Facebook Timeline, Newsfeed and Scheduled Posts

Facebook Timeline News Feed Changes

Pull up to the virtual pub to discuss the Facebook timeline redesign, the “new new” News Feed, organic posts and scheduling posts…

Keeping it Real, The New Facebook Ad Campaigns and Facebook Page Tagging

Keeping it Real Jon Loomer

Pull up to the virtual pub to discuss a reasonable work-life balance, the new Facebook ad campaign structure, Facebook page tagging and more…

WhatsApp, the Power of Facebook Ads and Optimizing Results

Andrew Foxwell on the Social Media Pubcast

Pull up to the virtual pub to discuss the WhatsupApp acquisition, the value of Facebook ads, custom audiences and Facebook ad reports…

Pop a Cork: Making the Shift with Facebook Ads

Making the Shift with Facebook Ads Jon Loomer Pubcast

Pull up to the virtual pub to discuss the Facebook Fraud dustup, the death of interest targeting and WCA lookalikes…