The Problem With Facebook Page Post Ads

Facebook Page Post Ad Poll

I’m a big believer in Facebook ads and have had great success using their standard advertising approach. But last week, I was given a $100 coupon code, so I decided to go experimental and try the other ad types. And while I had some success, there is a problem with Facebook page post ads. What […]

The Purpose of the Facebook Ticker: It Now Makes Sense

Facebook Page and Ticker

I don’t know why it took me this long to realize it. I’ve always liked the Ticker. I always thought it had value because it surfaced small nuggets we wouldn’t otherwise see. But for whatever reason, I finally figured out the true purpose of the Facebook Ticker. It was so obvious. The Ticker’s only purpose […]

Why Timeline is Good for Your Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy

You’re going to call me crazy, but I’m just gonna say it: Timeline is good for your Facebook privacy. I know, I know. Everything you read and hear says the complete opposite. But before you rip me to pieces, hear me out… Up until now, you’ve been ignorant about your Facebook privacy. Okay, maybe not […]

Hover Over My Name: New Hoax Spin Added to Viral Facebook Status

Hover over my name, Uncheck comments and Likes - Facebook

Hover Over My Name… Just when I think this one will die, it comes back even stronger. Please, don’t fall for it and pass it on!

Six (Almost Free and) Free Digital Marketing Steps Essential to Your Business

Google Places Search Result

I hate excuses. Far too often, small business owners tell me that they don’t have the time or money to get digital. The thing is, many of the steps they can take cost nothing or close to nothing to execute. There is no excuse. If you don’t take these steps, you are leaving money on […]

How Restaurants Can Benefit From Facebook

Facebook Checkin

We’ve already established that if you’re a business owner, your brand needs to be on Facebook. There are very few exceptions to this rule. Make no mistake, however, certain industries can benefit more than others. There is no industry with more Facebook marketing opportunities than the food industry. It is a perfect fit. That’s why […]

Free Facebook Marketing eBook is Available!

As many of you already know, I’ve been working on a Facebook marketing eBook for the past month or so. It’s based largely on the content from this site, but focused in one area and neatly packaged. There are also three worksheets at the end of it that will help you as you think through […]

How to Get a Free $25 Facebook Ad Coupon

Free $25 Facebook Ad Coupon

If you’re like me, you understand the enormous value of Facebook ads. You understand that, if done right, a mere $25 investment could result in as many as 200 new fans (sometimes more, sometimes less). But if you’re like me, you’re also cheap. I know that Facebook gives away advertising vouchers. You just need to […]

How to Control Who Sees Your Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes from Timeline

While anyone who copies and pastes a Facebook update about hovering over your name to uncheck comments and likes qualiifies as misinformed, it’s clear there remains momentum behind an underlying sentiment. I’ve written two posts about the phenomenon (this one and this one) that continue to get steady traffic. Will asking friends to uncheck comments […]

Website Facebook Subscribe Button is LIVE!

Mashable Facebook Subscribe

A few months ago, Facebook launched subscriptions, giving people the ability to follow the public posts of others without becoming a “friend.” Likewise, this presented an opportunity for public figures to allow people to follow them in a less corporate and official way than becoming a “fan” of a page. As soon as this feature […]