How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

In a prior tutorial, I discussed the steps to creating a standard ad on Facebook. Today, I’m going to cover the strategies associated with how to create a successful Facebook ad campaign. Set Your Strategy Before you even create your first Facebook ad, you need to determine your goals. What are you looking to accomplish? […]

How to Create a Facebook Ad

If you run a brand page, there is no faster way to grow your number of fans than through Facebook advertising. It’s an incredibly easy process that can fit into anyone’s budget. I’ll eventually cover how to run and manage a Facebook ad campaign as well as the various forms of Facebook advertising. But this […]

Sponsored Stories coming to Facebook Ticker

Mashable reports that Facebook is introducing sponsored stories to the Ticker. Alright, before you get out your pitchforks, let’s make sure we establish why we’re angry. What is a sponsored story? First, here’s the generic definition of a sponsored story, as it applies to the typical (non-advertising) user: Sponsored Stories are stories that are eligible […]

Facebook Subscriptions vs. Facebook Page

It wasn’t long ago that I wondered aloud why some people would manage both a personal Facebook profile and a Facebook page of their personal brand. Particularly after Facebook launched subscriptions, why not just allow anyone to read your public posts? But on second thought… I allow for subscriptions of my public content, but lately […]

Best Practices: How to Make a Successful Facebook Page Post

In a prior post, I discussed ways that you could better engage your fans on Facebook. In this tutorial, I am going to get into the details of what an engaging post looks like. Whether it’s brevity, including imagery, editing the title or description, tagging other pages or using a call to action, there are […]

Update: Facebook Page Likes Link Goes to Insights

I created my Facebook page only days ago, so I pay attention to the modest number of likes. When it goes up, I click the “Likes This” link under the number on the left hand side. Sometimes it’s a friend, sometimes it’s someone I don’t know. Either way, I find knowing the Facebook page likes […]

11 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans

I struggled with the title of this tutorial. “11 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans.” I’ve seen too many articles with a similar title full of empty promises. And they’re all written by shady social media “gurus” or “ninjas” who claim you’re missing an opportunity to get rich quick with your Facebook page. Let me […]

How to Engage Fans on Your Facebook Page

The secret to a successful Facebook page is a highly engaged community. You can drive thousands of fans with ads, but the number will be hollow if they aren’t active and engaged. Why is this important? An engaged fan who interacts with your page is developing a loyalty for your brand. By being actively involved […]

Facebook Launches Recent Stories Filter

Mashable announced earlier today that Facebook would bring recent stories options back to the news feed. Well, that didn’t take long… Just a few minutes ago, I noticed the subtle new option at the top of my news feed. And if you click on the link for more info, you get this… It’s not complicated. […]

How to be Strategic with your Facebook Page

Back when Facebook pages first became “all the rage” among brands, conventional wisdom was that you had to have one if you were serious about your business. Now, this wasn’t necessarily a false statement, but it lacked any big picture thinking. While the sentiment was correct, most companies jumped in blindly without knowing the how […]

How to Create a Facebook iFrame for your Business Page

In prior tutorials, we’ve discussed the benefits and power of using Facebook iFrames. Now we’re going to get into the details of how you can create your own. 1. Create the Content If you have a WordPress site, let me save you some trouble. Install the Facebook Tab Manager by David Carr. I wish I […]

Why Your Facebook Page Needs iFrames

Earlier this year, Facebook did away with FBML, their mark-up language that allowed page administrators to create custom tabs. They replaced that technology with iFrames. After a bit of early scrambling and complaining, brands have realized the power and benefits of using iFrames. What It Is In its purest form, an iFrame is an HTML […]

How to Create a Welcome Tab on your Facebook Page with Static HTML

In a prior tutorial, I talked about there being a couple of main options for creating a Welcome tab for your Facebook page. The simplest — requiring the least expertise and patience — is to use the Static HTML: iframe tabs application. This tutorial will focus on how to create a Welcome tab on your […]

Welcome Tab on your Facebook Page: App or iFrame?

[This is a three part series about creating a welcome tab for your Facebook page. This tutorial will focus on two of your options (self-hosting and using a third party app). There will then be two separate tutorials for how you would accomplish each option.] If you’ve created a Facebook page for your brand, you […]

The Anatomy of a Facebook Page

Now that you’ve decided that you can benefit from having a Facebook page, let’s put it together. In future tutorials, we’ll go into details about implementation of some of these things, but today we will give an overview of the basic anatomy of a Facebook page. The Name Take your time. If you have multiple […]