Facebook Testing Subtle Changes to Photo Viewer

Facebook Photo Viewer

It’s so difficult to keep up with Facebook changes that I often wonder if I’m imagining a change that either didn’t happen or has been in effect for months. The changes are often subtle, and Facebook slips them through without fanfare. An example is the latest change to the Facebook photo viewer. As confirmed by […]

How to Spot a Facebook Hoax (And What to Do)

The bigger Facebook gets (more than 800 million strong now), the riper it gets for hoaxes and scams. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to help kill the “Hover over my name” hoax, which was really more of a viral status update started and perpetuated by likely well-meaning (though misinformed) users. While it seemed […]

The Only 16 Blog Posts About Facebook Timeline That You Need

Lev Detrez Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Since the subject of Facebook Timeline is going to become increasingly popular over the next several days, I wanted to make the many posts I’ve written on the subject easier to find. Additionally, I’ve aggregated some of my favorite articles I’ve read written by others on the subject. So below is a collection of everything […]

Why I Spend More Time on Facebook Than Twitter

Facebook vs. Twitter

I started writing this blog post about why I’m doubting the power of Twitter to drive traffic consistently or efficiently. I did more than start, I finished it. Then I read it and realized I wasn’t buying my own argument. I wasn’t buying it because that initial argument ultimately wasn’t what I really wanted to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

So Facebook is finally rolling out Timeline to everyone. Even you. Yes, you, who have fought this from the start. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Now you have to face it: You have no choice. You could complain. Some people will. Lots of people will. And it seems the silly “Hover over […]

How to Create a Facebook Page Photo Strip

Facebook Fan Page Photo Strip

Note: Since Facebook moved to Timeline, Photo Strips are no longer part of the design. If you are a brand or business with a Facebook page, one often overlooked tool at your disposal is the photo strip at the top of your page. Get creative, and it can really pop and set your page apart […]

How to Use Facebook Page Post Ads

Facebook Page Post Ad

A Facebook page post ad is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an ad based on one of your Facebook page posts. Could be a status update, link share, video, photo, Facebook Question, or whatever it is you’ve shared on your page’s wall. You can select any recent post you’ve made, provide the custom post […]

How to Keep Your Old Facebook Profile and Get Rid of the Ticker FOREVER!

Remove Facebook Timeline

As you know, Facebook is about to force some changes on us. There’s a little known secret. And because you look like a pretty cool person, I’m going to get you in on the action. I know, I know. You hate the Facebook Ticker. You hate the new Timeline. They’re terrible, RIGHT? They are ruining […]

How to Win the Facebook Small Business Boost Contest

By now, you’ve likely heard about Facebook’s Small Business Boost contest that gives small business owners in the US with a Facebook page of at least 50 likes the opportunity to get $50, $150 or even $10,000 in free Facebook advertising. This is nuts! Is there a catch? Not really. The $50 is automatic to […]

How to Get $50, $150 or over $10,000 in Free Facebook Advertising Coupon Codes

Facebook Small Business Boost

Really big news for small business owners from Facebook Marketing Solutions, the official Facebook Marketing page. They have launched a contest called Facebook Small Business Boost that will award a $10,000 prize to the 10 participating small businesses that accrue the most likes on their Facebook page by April 1. If you’re a pessimist, you […]