How to Create a Facebook Page Photo Strip

Note: Since Facebook moved to Timeline, Photo Strips are no longer part of the design. If you are a brand or business with a Facebook page, one often overlooked tool at your disposal is the photo strip at the top of your page. Get creative, and it can really pop and set your page apart […]

How to Use Facebook Page Post Ads

A Facebook page post ad is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an ad based on one of your Facebook page posts. Could be a status update, link share, video, photo, Facebook Question, or whatever it is you’ve shared on your page’s wall. You can select any recent post you’ve made, provide the custom post […]

How to Keep Your Old Facebook Profile and Get Rid of the Ticker FOREVER!

As you know, Facebook is about to force some changes on us. There’s a little known secret. And because you look like a pretty cool person, I’m going to get you in on the action. I know, I know. You hate the Facebook Ticker. You hate the new Timeline. They’re terrible, RIGHT? They are ruining […]

How to Win the Facebook Small Business Boost Contest

By now, you’ve likely heard about Facebook’s Small Business Boost contest that gives small business owners in the US with a Facebook page of at least 50 likes the opportunity to get $50, $150 or even $10,000 in free Facebook advertising. This is nuts! Is there a catch? Not really. The $50 is automatic to […]

How to Get $50, $150 or over $10,000 in Free Facebook Advertising Coupon Codes

Really big news for small business owners from Facebook Marketing Solutions, the official Facebook Marketing page. They have launched a contest called Facebook Small Business Boost that will award a $10,000 prize to the 10 participating small businesses that accrue the most likes on their Facebook page by April 1. If you’re a pessimist, you […]

The Only Path to Social Media Success: Honesty, Transparency and Authenticity

When I was a kid, I could never lie my way out of a sticky situation. I was a horrible liar. Couldn’t convince myself enough that a falsity was true to convince my parents or teachers that it was true. So I rarely tried. Just winced and took the punishment. It felt like a curse […]

Facebook Open Graph, 60 Timeline Apps Available

Facebook announced at a press event in San Francisco yesterday that the Open Graph is now available to developers. “Starting today,” said Eddie O’Neil in the Facebook Developers blog, “developers can build apps that let people add anything they love to their Timelines – whether it is eating, traveling, shopping, running or taking pictures.” Facebook […]

Facebook Privacy: Don’t Hover Over My Name, Do This Instead

Please, don’t hover over my name and spread some lame hoax. Take your Facebook privacy into your own hands and follow these simple steps.

Cause Marketing on Facebook

[message type="custom"] [custom_frame_left shadow="on"] [/custom_frame_left] The following is a guest post by Ehren Foss, the CEO of HelpAttack!, which is a platform for using any kind of online content to support a cause with microdonations and awareness. As part of your cause marketing campaign, you can use HelpAttack! to donate – and ask your audience […]

How to Get More Facebook Likes: Write More Good Content

Content is King Yeah, yeah. We’ve all heard it a million times. You need content. You need good content. You need a lot of it. It’s what keeps your social media accounts fresh and drives up your search engine results. But we often say things with authority that simply aren’t true. It’s nice to have […]

The Reason Social Media Campaigns Fail

This is a subject that’s been on my mind lately. I keep asking myself… What are the reasons that social media campaigns fail? …and I keep coming back to one thing. Sure, lack of knowledge contributes. Lack of planning. Lack of resources. Lack of time. If you were to create a list, these items would […]

Tagging Sessions: The Underground Facebook Page Liking Scam

I feel so naive. I’ve been on Facebook for five years. I first used it for business purposes five years ago when the NBA (I was an employee) partnered with Facebook to have an application developed. Yes, this was so long ago that you couldn’t create your own app. And this was when businesses had […]

A Complete Guide to Your Facebook Timeline Privacy

So… Timeline is here. If you’ve been careful about your Facebook privacy up until now, you have nothing to fear. Going through the following steps will be a piece of cake. But if you’ve ignored your privacy, thinking no one would notice… Well, you might wanna block off some time. The following is a very […]

The Most Important Facebook Advertising Metric

I’ve shown you How to Create a Facebook Ad. I’ve also shown you How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign. Heck, I’ve even shown you How to Measure Facebook Ad Success. But today, I’m going to talk about the only Facebook advertising metric that matters. Cost Per Like Previously, I took you through the […]

How to Get a Free $50 Facebook Advertising Coupon Code

[PLEASE NOTE: THIS BLOG POST IS TWO YEARS OLD. THIS CODE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. THERE ARE CURRENTLY NO LEGITIMATE WAYS TO GET FREE CODES FROM FACEBOOK. EVERYTHING ELSE IS A SCAM.] First off, a word of caution: There’s a lot of junk on the internet. A lot of people charging for “free” coupon codes. […]