How to Hide Your Facebook Ticker (Seriously)

I was tempted to never write this blog post. Instead, I give the people what they want. Here is how to hide your Facebook Ticker.

How to Keep Spotify and Other Facebook Timeline Apps Private

Adjusting Spotify Privacy for Facebook

If you’ve added Spotify or one of the 60 and growing Facebook Timeline apps, you’re likely well aware of the potential embarrassment they can cause. Spotify, for example, publishes every song you listen to onto your Timeline and into the Tickers of your friends (or the group of people you choose). The problem is that […]

How to Spot a Facebook Hoax (And What to Do)

The bigger Facebook gets (more than 800 million strong now), the riper it gets for hoaxes and scams. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to help kill the “Hover over my name” hoax, which was really more of a viral status update started and perpetuated by likely well-meaning (though misinformed) users. While it seemed […]

The Only 16 Blog Posts About Facebook Timeline That You Need

Since the subject of Facebook Timeline is going to become increasingly popular over the next several days, I wanted to make the many posts I’ve written on the subject easier to find. Additionally, I’ve aggregated some of my favorite articles I’ve read written by others on the subject. So below is a collection of everything […]

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Timeline

So Facebook is finally rolling out Timeline to everyone. Even you. Yes, you, who have fought this from the start. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Now you have to face it: You have no choice. You could complain. Some people will. Lots of people will. And it seems the silly “Hover over […]

How to Keep Your Old Facebook Profile and Get Rid of the Ticker FOREVER!

As you know, Facebook is about to force some changes on us. There’s a little known secret. And because you look like a pretty cool person, I’m going to get you in on the action. I know, I know. You hate the Facebook Ticker. You hate the new Timeline. They’re terrible, RIGHT? They are ruining […]

Facebook Open Graph, 60 Timeline Apps Available

Facebook announced at a press event in San Francisco yesterday that the Open Graph is now available to developers. “Starting today,” said Eddie O’Neil in the Facebook Developers blog, “developers can build apps that let people add anything they love to their Timelines – whether it is eating, traveling, shopping, running or taking pictures.” Facebook […]

Facebook Privacy: Don’t Hover Over My Name, Do This Instead

Please, don’t hover over my name and spread some lame hoax. Take your Facebook privacy into your own hands and follow these simple steps.

A Complete Guide to Your Facebook Timeline Privacy

So… Timeline is here. If you’ve been careful about your Facebook privacy up until now, you have nothing to fear. Going through the following steps will be a piece of cake. But if you’ve ignored your privacy, thinking no one would notice… Well, you might wanna block off some time. The following is a very […]

Why Timeline is Good for Your Facebook Privacy

You’re going to call me crazy, but I’m just gonna say it: Timeline is good for your Facebook privacy. I know, I know. Everything you read and hear says the complete opposite. But before you rip me to pieces, hear me out… Up until now, you’ve been ignorant about your Facebook privacy. Okay, maybe not […]

Hover Over My Name: New Hoax Spin Added to Viral Facebook Status

Hover Over My Name… Just when I think this one will die, it comes back even stronger. Please, don’t fall for it and pass it on!

How to Control Who Sees Your Facebook Likes

While anyone who copies and pastes a Facebook update about hovering over your name to uncheck comments and likes qualiifies as misinformed, it’s clear there remains momentum behind an underlying sentiment. I’ve written two posts about the phenomenon (this one and this one) that continue to get steady traffic. Will asking friends to uncheck comments […]

Bracing for Timeline

I’ve had Facebook Timeline ever since it became available to “developers.” I updated my background image and also have found it useful when wanting to recall facts from the past. For example, my 10-year-old son just won the spelling bee for the second year in a row (kid’s a genius, right?), and I was wondering […]

Revisiting: Uncheck Comments and Likes

[Refresher: Six Steps to Controlling Your Facebook Privacy] More than two months ago, I wrote a post called Facebook Scare: Uncheck Comments and Likes that was in response to a copy and paste status update spreading across Facebook. Two months later, that post was my most popular piece of content yesterday. Traffic to it is […]

How Facebook Can Avoid Ticker Confusion

In the coming days and weeks, you’ll see more and more passive sharing on Facebook through the Ticker. It is also certain that Facebook users will be frustrated, confused and angry as a result. There is a simple way that Facebook can avoid this… if they so choose. What is Passive Sharing? In the past, […]