Facebook Conversion Tracking: Why Aren’t the Numbers Adding Up?

Facebook Conversions

Conversion numbers from Google and Facebook rarely add up. Here’s why, and what you can do about it…

Facebook Lookalike Audiences: Website Visitors, Fans and Conversions

New Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Facebook now allows advertisers to create Lookalike Audiences based on fans, Website Custom Audiences, conversion pixels and more…

Facebook Advertising Campaign Structure: A Hands On Tour

Facebook Campaign Structure Tour

Here is a step-by-step tour of the new Facebook advertising campaign structure using Ad Sets, complete with a real-world example…

WCA Lookalike: Target Facebook Users Similar to Website Visitors

Facebook Website Custom Audience Lookalike

Facebook now allows you to target users similar to people who have visited your website in ads via Lookalike Audiences. Here’s all you need to know…

Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons: Create for Ads and Organic Posts

Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons

You can now add native call-to-action buttons to organic link posts and Facebook ads. Here’s how you can do it!

Website Custom Audiences: Target Visitors with Facebook Ads (Not FBX!)

Facebook Website Custom Audiences

Facebook is rolling out Website Custom Audiences — possibly the most intriguing update that’s been made to advertising in quite some time.

More than Reach: How to Check These Important Metrics

More Than Just Reach How to Check Other Data

Your Facebook page’s Organic Reach is probably down, but what about the metrics that matter? Here is a step-by-step guide for how you can check…

Facebook FBX: How to Target Key Email Recipients

Facebook FBX Retargeting Lists

Did you know that you can retarget users who have opened your emails with Facebook ads? This is done with FBX, using Perfect Audience. Here’s how…

How You Can STILL Create an Online Facebook Offer

How to create online Facebook offer

Back in June, Facebook announced they’d be eliminating online Offers. They did… or did they? Here’s how you can still create them!

How to View the Comments on a Dark or Unpublished Facebook Post

How to View Comments on Unpublished Facebook Posts

Unpublished Facebook posts are very effective for advertising, but monitoring the comments can be a challenge. Here’s how, complete with video!

4 Creative Ways to Target Your Email List with Facebook Custom Audiences

4 Creative Ways to Target Your Email List with Facebook Custom Audiences

Now that Facebook has rolled out Custom Audiences to all advertisers, it’s time to look at some creative ways that you can use them…

Facebook Saved Target Group Change: Create Audience Using Ad

How to Create a Saved Target Group

Facebook allows you to create Saved Target Groups in Power Editor to prefill your targeting options. But now there’s an option to create it from an ad.

New Facebook Page Level Export: What’s Gone and What’s New

Facebook Page Level Export Changes

Facebook’s Page Level Export has been updated. As a result, nine tabs and 19 stats are going away and being replaced by seven new tabs and one stat.

How to Sell on Facebook: A Detailed, 9-Step Guide

Sell on Facebook

If you aren’t making money on Facebook, you’re wasting your time. There are no shortcuts. Here is a detailed, 9-step guide to get you started.

How to Use Labels to Organize Your Facebook Ads

Facebook power Editor Labels

Is your Facebook advertising a disorganized mess? You should use a simple and often ignored feature within Power Editor: Labels!