Facebook Ads Reporting: Not All Website Clicks Are Created Equal


What is the quality of website traffic you’re driving when targeting fans, website visitors, lookalikes and interests? This experiment investigates…

The Value of a Facebook Post [Experiment]

Value of a Facebook Post

I determined that the value of one of my recent Facebook posts is $989.47. Here’s how I determined that value and how you can do it, too…

How Using Facebook URL Tags Can Help Measure Viral Impact of Posts

Facebook URL Tags

Do you use URL tags to measure the viral impact of your Facebook posts or ads? Here’s a real-life example to show you how it can be done…

Know Your Facebook Ad Rates: CPM and Cost Per Page Like by Placement

Facebook Ad Rates: CPM and Cost Per Page Like by Placement

Is it better to advertise in Facebook’s News Feed, sidebar or on mobile devices? Take a look at these evolving results…

Facebook Content Strategy: Is it Better to Post at Non-Peak Times?

Facebook Posting Strategies Peak Times

Will you reach more people on Facebook if you publish when fewer them are online? It seems counter-intuitive, but these results speak for themselves.

Experiment: What Percentage of Facebook Fans REALLY Saw Your Post?

Facebook Reach

What percentage of your fans — who were online at the time — did you reach with your post? Learn how to find out here…

A Second Test: Are Brands Organically Reaching the Facebook News Feed?

Brands Reach Facebook News Feed

The overwhelming sentiment from brands is that they aren’t reaching the News Feeds of their fans. So how do you explain these results?

Do Multi-Image Facebook Posts Lead to Increased Reach and Engagement?

Do Multi-Image Facebook Posts Bring More Reach?

It’s a rumor I’ve heard quite a bit about lately. A trick that appears to game Facebook and lead to more reach and engagement. Does it work?

Controlled Test Results: Facebook Organic Reach is Under Reported

Facebook Organic Reach Under Reported

I stumbled upon an inconsistency related to Reach. And after a controlled test, I had my answer: Facebook is under reporting Organic Reach.

An Experiment: CPM or oCPM When Targeting Facebook Fans With Ads?

Promoting Posts to Fans oCPM vs. CPM

Should you use CPM or oCPM bidding when targeting Fans only with a Facebook promoted post? Take a look at the results from this experiment…