All Facebook Image Dimensions: Timeline, Posts, Ads [Infographic]

Facebook Marketing Advertising Image Dimensions Jon Loomer 2014

Facebook dimensions recommended sizes for cover photo, profile photo, Timeline link and photo shares, desktop News Feed and sidebar, ads and more.

Facebook Ads Glossary: Reference of All Important Terms [Infographic]

Facebook Ads Glossary

Need a quick and handy reference to all of the important Facebook advertising terms and features? Bookmark this infographic!

Facebook Image Dimensions for 9 Ad Types Across Desktop and Mobile

Facebook Ad Image Dimensions

Do you know the ideal image sizes for all ad types across mobile, desktop News Feed and sidebar? Here’s a handy reference.

Facebook Link Thumbnail Image Dimensions [Reference]

Facebook Link Thumbnail Image Dimensions Desktop News Feed Mobile Sidebar

Facebook has increased the link thumbnail image dimensions. Here’s a reference of dimensions and text guidelines across News Feed, Mobile and Sidebar.

Advanced Facebook Insights Slideshare Presentation and Webinar Replay

Advanced Facebook Insights Webinar

Did you miss my free webinar on Advanced Facebook Insights? Watch, share and bookmark this Slideshare deck and video replay! Great reference.

Facebook Insights: Consumer vs. Engaged User

Consumptions vs. Engaged User

The Consumer and Consumption may be the most underrated and ignored of Facebook Insights metrics. Here’s why they are both important and confused.

Facebook Advertising Guidelines: Landing Pages

Facebook Advertising Guidelines Landing Pages

The landing page that you use as a destination could get your Facebook ad rejected. Here are the rules that you need to follow.

Facebook Advertising Guidelines: Targeting

Facebook Advertising Guidelines Targeting

Are you trying to promote alcohol, a dating service or adult product on Facebook and had your ad rejected? It may have been due to targeting.

Facebook Advertising Guidelines: Acceptable Language

Facebook Advertising Guidelines Language

Was your Facebook ad rejected? Possible it’s because of your use of language. Make sure your ad complies with these rules…

Facebook Advertising Guidelines: Use of Imagery

Facebook Advertising Guidelines Imagery

What images can and can’t you use in Facebook ads? This is a deep dive into the Facebook Advertising Guidelines to provide some clarity.