No More Promotional Posts: Facebook Will Penalize More Brand Content

Facebook Promotional Posts

Brands that share promotional posts will now have a tougher time of reaching the news feed. Here’s why and what you need to know…

Facebook Updates Custom Audiences TOS: No Scraping UIDs

Facebook Custom Audiences TOS Scraping UIDs

Many advertisers have used scraping of UIDs to create Custom Audiences. Facebook has made changes to explicitly prohibit and prevent this.

No More Click Bait: Facebook Explains How to Share Links

No More Facebook Click Bait

Facebook is rolling out changes to the way links — particularly from brands — are distributed in the News Feed. Stop whining and read…

Facebook Updates Campaign Structure Again: New Ad Sets and Ads

New Facebook Campaign Structure

Facebook is updating campaign structure again, this time impacting ad sets and ads. Here’s what you need to know…

New BIGGER Facebook Right Hand Column Ads: What You Need to Know

New Bigger Facebook Sidebar Right Hand Column Ads

Facebook is rolling out a dramatic change to sidebar or right hand column ads, making them bigger, engaging and possibly more expensive. More here…

Facebook Page Timeline Redesign: The One Important Change

Facebook Page Timeline Redesign One Important Change

Facebook has redesigned the page timeline, and there’s one very minor change that could make the biggest, positive impact.

New Facebook Advertising Campaign Structure: The Addition of Ad Sets

Facebook Campaign Structure Ad Sets

Facebook has updated the advertising campaign structure to include a third level, ad sets. Here’s everything you need to know…

Facebook to Marketers: Stop Using Text Updates to Game the News Feed

Facebook to Marketers: Stop Using Text Updates to Game the News Feed

Facebook has announced that text updates for brand pages will see a drop in Reach. Is it all bad? Here’s everything you need to know…

Mini-Webinar Replay: Facebook Organic Reach Under Reported (Sneak Peek)

Webinar 11

In this episode, the following topics are covered: 1. Facebook Under Reporting Organic Reach 2. Sponsored Stories Going Away April 9 3. New Q & A Feature 4. Q&A SNEAK PEEK! Every week, I conduct a free mini-webinar to catch you up on everything that’s happening in the world of advanced Facebook marketing. These webinars […]

No More Sponsored Stories: 6 Big Changes Coming to Facebook Ads

Facebook Sponsored Stories Sunset

Facebook is eliminating Sponsored Stories from its ad options effective April 9. But several other changes are coming, too. Here are the details…