Ultimate Guide: Facebook Insights Glossary of Terms [Infographic]

Facebook Insights Glossary by Jon Loomer

Every important Facebook Insights term — popular and obscure — in one infographic, broken down into Reach and Impressions, Engagement and Fan Data.

The Death of Facebook Interest Targeting: Shifting Budget Priorities

Facebook Interest Targeting

Interest targeting of Facebook ads was once the best way to reach your ideal audience. That’s no longer the case. Do these things first…

Facebook Website Custom Audiences: Increase Fans, Traffic and Sales

Facebook Website Custom Audiences Strategies

Facebook Custom Audiences are a great tool for increasing relevant fans, traffic and sales with ads. Here are a few powerful strategies to execute…

14 Facebook Marketing Goals for 2014

Facebook Marketing Goals

Are you ready to increase leads and revenue from Facebook in 2014? Start by experimenting with these 14 strategies…

The Digital Entrepreneur’s Resolutions for 2014

Online Entrepreneur Roadmap 2014

1. Don’t Follow the Herd. 2. Be Helpful. 3. Don’t Sell Out. 4. Establish Personal Business Ethics. 5. Say No to Money. 6. Say No to Freeloaders…

The 50 Most Valuable Facebook Marketing Lessons and Tutorials of 2013

Facebook Marketing Guide

Need a roadmap to Facebook marketing success? Start with this list of the 50 most popular posts of 2013…

How to Maximize Organic Reach in the Facebook News Feed

6 Ways to Increase Organic Reach in the Facebook News Feed

Think you’re screwed and can’t reach your Fans in the Facebook News Feed? Think again. Do these six things to increase your Organic Reach!

Giving Thanks: 37 Best and Most Powerful Marketing Tools

37 Best and Most Powerful Marketing Tools

I’ve used hundreds of tools during the past few years. But these are the 37 that I’m most thankful for — that helped lead to my success in 2013.

14 Steps to Succeeding at Facebook Marketing

14 Steps to Successful Facebook Marketing

Some marketers fail at Facebook. Chances are, they don’t do many of these 14 things that are common among those who succeed on the platform…

3 Facebook Metrics That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

Facebook Metrics Meanings Confused

No, that Facebook metric you’re obsessing over doesn’t actually mean what you think it does. Here’s a look at three you’re likely messing up!

Facebook Ads and Power Editor: Comprehensive Glossary of Terms

Glossary Facebook Ads Power Editor

If you’re struggling with Power Editor or the advanced terms associated with Facebook ads, start with this comprehensive glossary of terms!

How to Measure Facebook Advertising Success: Monitor These 5 Metrics

How to Measure Facebook Ads Success

You are wasting money focusing on Facebook ads metrics that don’t matter. Monitor these five metrics to determine the success of your campaign.

4 Steps to an Effective Facebook Sales Funnel

Facebook Sales Funnel

If you want to sell on Facebook, you need to start with a highly targeted, engaged audience. And the foundation is trust. Here’s how to do it…

5 Facebook Strategies to Help Launch Your Online Business

Facebook Build Email List

Andrea Vahl provides some excellent tips on how to get your online business off the ground with the help of your Facebook Page.

5 Tips for Facebook Mobile Install Ads

Facebook Mobile Install Ads

Do you have an app that needs to generate more installs? Check out these five proven simple tips to help drastically improve of your campaign.