What Copyblogger Could Have Done With Its Facebook Page

Copyblogger's Facebook Page

The popular website Copyblogger recently made noise by deleting its Facebook page. Was it the right decision, and what else could they have done?

My Story: How a Business Was Built in Three Years

Building a Business

A business and a brand are built over time. It takes experimentation, failure, investment, delegation and maybe a little bit of luck…

No More Facebook Like-Gating: What It Means and Why You Should Care

No More Facebook Like Gating

Facebook will no longer allow marketers to incentivize the like through an app. So what does that mean and how does that change things? Read on…

Facebook Did Something and Marketers Will Screw it Up

Facebook Did Something And Marketers Will Screw It Up

News Flash: Facebook released a new feature and bad marketers will find a way to completely screw it up. Time for a rant…

Facebook Fraud Response: Are Facebook Ads a Waste of Money?

Facebook Fraud Response

Are Facebook ads a waste of money? That’s what a popular video called Facebook Fraud is saying. Here’s another perspective and some things to consider.

You’re More Than a Marketer

More Than a Marketer

Marketers have long been perceived as manipulative, deceptive, pushy and providing false promises. This doesn’t work in today’s online world…

This is Why You Shouldn’t Build a Business Entirely Within Facebook

Facebook Business Rented Land

Have you built a business entirely within Facebook? Are you at the mercy of an algorithm? Are you neglecting what you own? Read this…

Why Your Bad Facebook Marketing Strategies are Ruining Ad Targeting

Bad Facebook Marketing Strategies

You mean well, but your bad Facebook marketing strategy is not a victimless crime. It actually ruins ad targeting as well as user experience.

Why Our Obsession with Facebook Page Post Reach is All Wrong

Facebook Post Reach Obsession

The angry mob is gaining steam. They have their torches and pitchforks ready. Will you join them? Read this first…

Facebook Auto-Play Video Ads Will Work, And You Might Even Like Them

Auto-Play Facebook Video Ads

It’s been nearly a year since Facebook initially discussed plans for auto-play video ads. Backlash delayed the launch, but these ads will work.