Year in Review: Perform a Content Audit [Example]


As we usher out 2012, I have performed an audit of 282 blog posts published on Here are the results I found.

17 Beautiful Mobile Responsive WordPress Themes

Streamline Genesis Framework Child Theme

You need more than a great website design. You need a website that looks great on a mobile device. Here are 17 beautiful mobile responsive WordPress themes.

AWeber and Copyblogger: Free Email List Building Webinar

Copyblogger AWeber Webinar

Copyblogger and AWeber have made a major impression on me and my website. They are teaming up to offer a free webinar on September 18 from 2-3 pm EST.

9 Characteristics of a Killer Blog Post [Infographic]

9 Characteristics of a Killer Blog Post

Want to write a killer blog post? Make sure that it’s these nine things…

27 Top WordPress Plugins that Power

WordPress Logo

The success of a WordPress website is reliant on content, design and the plugins that power it. Following are the top WordPress plugins that power my website.

A Personal Look Back: 7 Lessons Learned on Blogging [Part 3]

7 Lessons Learned on Blogging

This website was started nearly a year ago. I’ve made many mistakes and learned plenty along the way. Here are the 7 most important lessons learned!

9 Secrets to Successful Blogging [Infographic]

9 Secrets to Successful Blogging

This is a collection of blog posts that I have written that detail how I have found extraordinary success with blogging in a very short period of time.

22 Tips for New Blog Post Ideas [Infographic]


This week on Infographic Saturday, I feature a terrific graphic by CopyBlogger that highlights tips on how to come up with blog topic ideas.

5 Transformational Website Design Elements from Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan the Sales Lion

Marcus Sheridan (AKA “The Sales Lion”) wrote a terrific blog post this week detailing the design changes he made to his website. It’s a must read!

Vote: Nominate the Best Content Marketing Blogs

Best Blog Ever

In an attempt to assemble the Master Resource List of content marketing blogs, I appeal to you: What are your favorites? Nominate them, nominate your own and pass this on!

Anti-Social: What Happened to Facebook Social Reading?

Facebook Social Reading Gone

My favorite feature within the new Facebook WordPress plugin was Social Reading. Problem was that within days, it no longer worked. What happened to it?

How to Create a Simple Custom WordPress Widget

WordPress Logo

Not a programmer but need to create a simple, custom WordPress widget for your website? It’s a piece of cake. Here’s how…

How to Start a Podcast


Want to start a podcast? It’s not as difficult as you think, and it doesn’t have to cost you anything. Here is everything you need to know to start your podcast.

How to Activate Social Reading for Your Blog

Create Facebook App

Want to add Social Reading to your blog so that readers automatically share your content with their friends? Here is how, using the Facebook for WordPress plugin.

Keys to Blogging: Start a Draft

Pending Blog Post Drafts

I write more than seven blog posts per week, but I never run out of fresh topic ideas. One reason why is that I create a draft the minute an idea comes to me…