About Blake Jamieson

Blake began working in the social media industry in 2009 at Zynga. Today Blake works as a social media consultant for a variety of brands and companies. From e-commerce, to retail, to a 500 Startups tech company (Glyder), Blake assists clients in building engaging communities that drive repeat business. One of Blake's clients, PoolSupplyWorld, was recently named one of the Top 10 Small Business Pages on Facebook (by Social Media Examiner).

5 Tips for Facebook Mobile Install Ads

Facebook Mobile Install Ads

Do you have an app that needs to generate more installs? Check out these five proven simple tips to help drastically improve of your campaign.

Make Sure Your Avatar Scales (Down) so Your Business Can Scale (Up)

Blake's Business Card

Have you put enough thought into the profile image you use for your Facebook Page and other social media accounts? Great advice from Blake Jamieson…

Step Up Your Game: Secret to Facebook Page Engagement

Poolaga Gameplay SS

Blake Jamieson writes about how he increased Facebook fans for a pool company from 37 to 75,000 fans in under a year, including a gaming app.