Facebook’s New Lookalike Audiences: What You Need to Know [Video]

In the video above, I cover the New Lookalike Audiences and how they impact Facebook ad targeting. Some key points:

  • Lookalike Audiences: The Way They Were.
  • What are the New Lookalike Audiences?
  • How to Find Users Similar to Those Connected to You: Mobile Apps, Website Visitors, Facebook Fans
  • The Bottom Line: Increase Sales

The Important Links

In the video above, I address several features and topics that could use a bit more explanation. Relevant links are below:

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  • http://www.postplanner.com/ Scott Ayres

    Would be interesting to see some stats on how many pages use this feature.

  • Gary Elley

    [Edit: I’ve now resolved this – seems I clipped some of the code when pasting into my site. Blush]

    Anyone know how to test a website custom audience pixel?

    The setup procedure seems to have changed since Jon first published about how to do this.

    I created my first custom audience in the Power Editor, placed the tracking code in the head of my site and verified same via view souce. When I went back to create another CWA, Facebook dispalys this warning:

    “You haven’t finished setting up your Custom Audience pixel”.

    I read the official WCA getting stated guide at http://goo.gl/8i1481 , but there’s no mention of how to test that the code is placed and working correctly (like there was when Jon first wrote about WCAs back in January).

    • http://careersreport.com Stephanie Michalski

      ìf you have several hrs of spare time, there is a simple strategy that wìll help you get some fast $ at the end of each week – learn how by visíting lìnk recorded on my disqus profíle ( be advised: make sure to act fast thís link will be available only for a brìef time while here )

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  • Jesse

    Hi Jon have you seen any sort of limit to how large a Custom Audience can be for a visitors to my website audience? I have 20-30k uniques coming to my site on a daily basis. Does FB limit the amount of website visitors that can be added?