How to Sell on Facebook [Video]

In the video above, I cover how to sell on Facebook using a simple four step sales funnel:

  • Attract A Relevant Audience (Organically and with Ads)
  • Earn Trust by Sharing Useful Information
  • Collect Email Addresses
  • Sell

The Important Links

In the video above, I address several features and topics that could use a bit more explanation. Relevant links are below!

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Be sure to watch to the end for the bloopers! Enjoy!

  • gnir

    Jon, not a fan of videos. When I saw the title I was thinking of who in the organization I could forward it to and then saw that it was a video. I love your articles as they can be easily shared … key points highlighted, etc. But videos are useless to me. I can read an article much faster than I can listen to a video and then I have to take notes on the key points. Sorry!! :)

    • John F. Hunt

      Different people like to consume content in different ways. Plus, by hosting these videos on Youtube there is an underlying SEO strategy at work as well. Keep ‘em coming Jon.

    • Jon Loomer

      Yeah, what John said. If you take a look at the links below the video, I’ve written about this topic many times. But people consume content in different ways, which is why I’ve also created the video.

  • sidster

    Didn’t watch vid yet but glanced over bullet points and just want to point that a mistake many make on FB is focusing too much on getting emails and selling that way, instead of just selling directly via FB posts. Think about the mindset people have when they open emails (a chore and on the lookout of stuff to delete, rather than FB posts which is something people look forward to). Plus there is the numbers game: only X% amount of a FB page’s fans will subscribe to email (not to mention only a small % will even see your FB post asking them to sign up for email), and the only Y% of those subscribed will open the email, and then an even smaller Z% of those people will actually click on a link in an email to a product, and then a smaller percent will actually buy.

    I prefer the direct route of selling on FB and bypassing all that email work. Time is money. Every time I run the numbers it doesn’t make sense to spend time and money building an email list versus selling directly. But YMMV.

  • Edwin Merino

    Dude, I love how you’ve broken this down into a quick 4 minute video. Talk about providing value!

  • WindyCityParrot

    question Obi-one – in the past 12 months our fan page has grown from 15,000 to 85,000 fans (80% organic 20% ads) – We consistently get about 100 orders a month from Facebook referral traffic – keyword consistently – why hasn’t our order count grown with the growth of the page? Our engagement is high with average weekly reach of 400,000 – 700,000 – where would I start looking to improve my sales stats?

    circling back to the Veritasium video – I only have 25,000 US-based fans and 10,000 from Pakistan and India now – FYI

  • Jen Mulholland

    as always on the mark. great work

  • Davis Bainsen

    I hope your knowleage and video will help me , thanks for sharing this !

  • Kim Jimenez

    As always, awesome video Jon :)

  • Paul Clifford

    Nice video Jon. I also liked the blooper bit at the end. I do a video blog too…and know only too well the number outakes there are. I never thought to include them at the end.. that’s smart.

  • Mike Erickson

    Yeah Buddy! 2 camera setup!