New Facebook Post Level Export: What’s Gone and What’s New

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facebook post level export changes New Facebook Post Level Export: Whats Gone and Whats New

You may have heard that Facebook finally completed the roll-out of the new Facebook Insights to all Page admins. Missed in this change by many was the update to the export files.

Don’t know what these are? Too ugly and difficult to navigate? GET OVER IT! If you’re serious about Facebook marketing, you need to be familiar with these files.

This is where much of the important data is buried. Facebook shows you the surface level data that they think you need to know within the web Insights. But you’d be amazed what you’re missing in the exports.

I went through both the post and page level exports to sort out what has changed. Today’s post will focus on the file that I use most — the post level export.

The Tabs

The old export had seven tabs, including Key Metrics. The new export has five. So, what’s changed?

What’s Gone: Talking About This and Post Stories tabs
What’s New: Nothing

This change bothers me. If I want to measure the value of a post, these two tabs keep much of the good stuff.

Following are the columns that previously existed within both of those tabs, but are no longer available (the metrics in bold are what matter most):

  • Description
  • Post ID
  • Permalink
  • Post Message
  • Type
  • Countries
  • Languages
  • Posted
  • comment
  • like
  • share

That’s right: You can no longer view how many comments, likes and shares each post received in one easy-to-understand view. I’m not happy about this!

Otherwise, the remaining tabs (other than Key Metrics) remained exactly the same. Here are the tabs that went unchanged:

  • Lifetime Post Consumers
  • Lifetime Post Consumptions
  • Lifetime Negative Feedback (Unique Users)
  • Lifetime Negative Feedback (Total Count)

The Stats

As mentioned above, Facebook cut out the Stories and Talking About This tabs. As a result, we lost key data related to comments, likes and shares.

But that’s not all. The Key Metrics tab previously went through column AC. It now stops at column W. That means we lost six more metrics!

Here’s a recap of what’s gone and new in the Key Metrics tab:

What’s Gone:

  • Lifetime Post Viral Reach
  • Lifetime Post Viral Impressions
  • Lifetime Talking About This (Post)
  • Lifetime Post Stories
  • Lifetime Post Stories by people who have liked your Page
  • Lifetime People talking about your post by those who have liked your Page

What’s New: Nothing

Whoa. In addition to completely removing Stories and Talking About This, Facebook eliminated Viral Reach and Impressions.

Even worse, they messed with our Fan-only stats, removing those Stories and Talking About This stats associated with them.

The Verdict

First of all, this was hardly an overhaul. Whereas the new web Insights is barely recognizable compared to the old version, the new post level export has mostly gone unchanged.

Well, there’s nothing new. Unfortunately, Facebook felt the need to remove some pretty important stats.

Important, of course, only if you care about things like virality, stories created and how much your Fans are deeply engaged with your content. If you don’t care about those things, then there’s nothing to see here!

So what do you think about these changes? Let me know in the comments below!

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About Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is a digital marketing consultant with a unique perspective on social media. He was introduced to Facebook in 2007 while with the NBA (back before Pages) and has been using Facebook for business ever since. Stay in touch by liking his Facebook Page (Jon Loomer Digital).

  • Adam

    I was certain this was an error when I saw it in a report I pulled earlier and didnt think much about it. This is a big bummer! I think this could be seen as a concession to PMD partners who have seen the tools that they were once the sole providers for now opened to the self serve platform.

  • Hagar Kelly

    talking about is my go-to for gauging my effectiveness in my posts; if they aint talking, I need to tweak it. If I DON”T know this, I really don’t have a clue- so many of the other stats are about what FACEBOOK does, not what my content does…

  • Lenny

    They are prob available via api and big third party providers may have asked to remove the free access? hmm

    Just like that cool report that they took away years ago. Ride the wave early.

  • kamil

    it’s a shame!! some of those ratios got affected by these changes!!

  • Lisa Kalner Williams

    I’ve heard that the notion of “people talking about this” was soon going by the wayside — but that shouldn’t be at the expense of individual post likes, shares, and comments. Yuck. Guess it’s back to third-party reporting tools for me.

  • Steffen Bilde

    I have just made an Post Level export. I counted 7 tabs, not 5!?

    Key metrics
    Lifetime Talking About This
    Lifetime Post Stories by act
    Lifetime Post consumers by type
    Lifetime Post Consumptions b..
    Lifetime Negative feedback
    Lifetime Negative Feedback f…

    Maybe the changed are not rolled out in Scandinavia? – Is it the “Lifetime Talking About This”, that is gonna be removed?

  • Terri Z

    Well, it’s nice to know that at least through the end of the year, you can still export the old post level insights.

    I have a different problem, and I’m hoping someone reading this has found a solution…evidently there the exported file, if read/imported into Excel, has tabs and additional data. I have yet, however, to figure out a way to get this additional info read/imported by iWork Numbers on my MacBook. Exporting the xls file then opening it results in an unreadable single-column format. Exporting as a csv gives a single spreadsheet, but evidently there is data that isn’t available in just that single spreadsheet. Anyone have a solution??

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