How to Set Up a Facebook Advertising Account for Consultants

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how to set up facebook ad accounts for consultants How to Set Up a Facebook Advertising Account for Consultants

I receive a variation of the following question more times than I can count (I can’t count that high):

I place ads for two different pages that I manage. I’d like these accounts separated so that the ads and billing information aren’t all bundled together in Ad Manager or Power Editor. I’m assuming I’ve not set something up correctly.

Since I advertise for others as well as myself, this is an issue I had to figure out for my own business. And, of course, Facebook does a poor job of explaining how to do it.

The Problem: Separate Advertising Accounts

Let me break down the question a little bit more.

You advertise for several different clients. But you want to separate the reports between those clients.

There’s also the issue with billing. You don’t want to pay for the ads in each case and need to get reimbursed. You’d prefer to instead charge directly to your client.

Many consultants end up getting a username and password from the client. This isn’t necessary.

The Solution That Isn’t a Solution

Within the past year or so, Facebook rolled out five admin levels that would seem to solve this problem.

facebook page admin roles How to Set Up a Facebook Advertising Account for Consultants

If you’ve tried this, you know that it doesn’t solve the problem explained above.

Sure, you can be added as an advertiser to multiple Pages this way. But you can’t separate these accounts and you’re on the hook for the billing.

The Actual Solution

Have your client go here. It’s the Facebook ads Account Settings page.

If they aren’t directed to the proper place, have them click on the Settings link on the left side while in the Ad Manager.

facebook ads account settings How to Set Up a Facebook Advertising Account for Consultants

Have them scroll down to the Permissions area and click “Add a User.”

facebook ad account settings permissions How to Set Up a Facebook Advertising Account for Consultants

Then they need to enter your name (if you’re a friend) or your email address to add you.

facebook ad account settings permissions add user How to Set Up a Facebook Advertising Account for Consultants

They can add you either as a “General User” or for “Reports Only.”

General Users can see and edit your ads and set up ads using the funding source associated with this ad account.

Reports Only access provided to users who can only see your ad performance.

So, obviously, you want them to add you as a General User.

The Result

First, you will now be able to select from your available accounts when creating ads.

At the top left of your Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll now have a drop-down to select the account you want to use…

facebook ads manager ad accounts How to Set Up a Facebook Advertising Account for Consultants

A similar drop-down exists in Power Editor…

facebook power editor ad accounts How to Set Up a Facebook Advertising Account for Consultants

You should now have no problem keeping your ads and reports separate.

Additionally, since your client added you to the account, ads will now be charged to their billing source.

That’s It!

Easy, right? So stop with the work-arounds and having to foot a bill that your clients may or may not get around to paying.

If you have any questions, let me know!

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About Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is a digital marketing consultant with a unique perspective on social media. He was introduced to Facebook in 2007 while with the NBA (back before Pages) and has been using Facebook for business ever since. Stay in touch by liking his Facebook Page (Jon Loomer Digital).

  • Jessica

    Hi Jon, I think this is a very beneficial post. I only just learned about this feature a couple of weeks ago. I am still wondering a couple of things though: 1) In order to set up an ad account, is the only method of doing that still to create an ad initially? and 2) Does the account owner have to remain enlisted on a Page as an advertiser in order for their account and billing to work when you (an existing admin) place ads for a Page? I only ask these questions because I would be using billing info and accounts from staff internal to my organization–people who wouldn’t normally be creating ads. But they are people who would want to measure their own success and billing.

    • Jon Loomer

      Jessica — 1) They shouldn’t need to create any ads. They need to have set up a funding source, which is something they might have done when creating a first ad campaign. But these things can be done separately. 2) They definitely need to be an admin of the Page. I haven’t tested this, but I assume they need to have full admin rights.

  • Wendy McClelland

    Jon Loomer – I LOVE you! I have been struggling with this issue for months. I finally did get my client’s log in info to set up their ads. Now I will do it this way. Cannot thank you enough for this information. I will be sharing the post.

    • Jon Loomer

      Love it, Wendy! Happy to help.

  • Anita Hovey

    Now… how do you convince the client this is the better way to do things? I’ve got one client that doesn’t seem to ever get around to doing this. I also wonder if this affects people who charge a percentage fee to manage ads accounts for clients… i.e. do they have more or less trouble getting their fee? Not sure you can answer, I’m just curious and wondering out loud.

    • Lenny

      What you can do is get them to agree on the ad spend to be managed so they send you your fee before anything get started.

  • Antonio Calero

    Excellent walk around Jon….if only adding people was so easy…(sigh)

    I’ve seen the only way that guarantess 100% adding someone to an account (Admin, Advertiser, other…) is if you are friends with that person. Looking for any other methods provide random results, even if the person has their privacy settings to “be found via e-mail”. I’ve even tried to add someone to an account who had his whole profile open, but Facebook kept telling me I couldn’t add him because of his settings and blah, blah, blah…

    So to me the most challenging part of having new clients is not the managing accounts itself (probably because I don’t have so many clients as you do), but being added as administrator to their profiles.

  • Jen Smith

    You are so timely Jon! I’ve been struggling with this issue and was JUST having this conversation with my friend at FB the day you posted this blog. But, she suggest that I go in through the Business Account Creation option, set up a new email address for the client – so example would be, enter agency name (me) and client info, and credit card info. The key diff from what you shared is that you have to set up an email address NOT already associated with FB. Any idea on what the differences are for each? I’m trying to include a screenshot but the image won’t upload for some reason. Let me know if you want me to email it to you!

    • Jen Smith

      nevermind the email….guess the image post worked :)

    • Lenny

      The difference is that with Jon’s method you are sharing any account while in your case, you are creating an account solely to manage ads and sometimes this an advantage to their ads review process. Don’t hold me to it because Facebook is unpredictable :)

  • Heaven Jelo

    Great post Jon! This is a must
    read for starters and everybody who wants to earn extra money

  • Taylor

    Not so easy…I keep getting “You lack permissions to perform that action.” box on facebook when adding a user’s email. any suggestions would be useful (besides adding the user as a friend).

  • Barry

    My Facebook Create Ads Tool was disabled by Facebook.
    Does this mean that I cannot use Facebook to advertise
    any longer ?

  • manoj

    Hey Jon – came across your article while searching for ways to link my client’s ad accounts to my Power Editor. I thought it could be done by just searching for their ad Account ID and assigning it to ACCOUNT GROUP NAME but that doesn’t seem to work. Am I right that it is not the right way? Many of my clients are strangers and I am a little hesitant to have them add me as a GENERAL USER through my personal Facebook profile and my email id is a personal one set to PRIVATE on search. I cannot figure out how to help manage my client ads without first going through the steps you have mentioned. Is there really no other way?

  • Nicolle Moore

    Hi Jon,
    Thanks so much for posting this! As a Social Media consultant, it’s extremely helpful to charge my clients directly for their ads and not have to add it to their bill at the end of the month (or front the money and hope to get reimbursed!) A client and I followed all the steps, and i’m added as a general user under their advertising account. I can create the ads, set the budget..everything except actually place the order. After I review the order and click ‘place order’ I get an error box that says ‘you are not permitted to perform that function, if you think this is an error please try again’. Any ideas on why that might be happening and how to fix it? Thanks SO much!

    • Jon Loomer

      One guess, Nicolle: Have they added a credit card?

  • Doron Kim

    Hi Jon, thank you for the informative post however- what if the page itself was created by me in my personal account? I clicked on + Create a Page then created new business pages. Each business needs to use its own credit card. thanks!

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