How to Use Facebook to Increase Website Traffic

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Great question this week from Shiri Berzack:

What’s the best way to drive traffic to my website (bear in mind I can’t use domain sponsored stories as they’re not applicable).

Great question! Here are the four things I recommend…

1. Create a Facebook Post

Yes, this is obvious. But create a Facebook post that shares a link, driving traffic to your site!

I use the standard link share almost exclusively. I’ve found that this method drives more link clicks than attaching links within photo shares or text updates.

However, make sure you check your stats to see what works best (check link clicks within Consumptions). And feel free to use a link shortener like to cross-check results.

Also consider posting multiple times per day. I share my most recent blog post every morning and then an evergreen piece of content late at night. The result is more traffic!

2. Promote that Post to Fans

Of course, only about 10-16% of your Fans are going to see that post for many different reasons. You should promote it to reach more of them!

Now, please don’t use that “Boost Post” button. It is completely worthless, and you’ll throw your money away.

Instead, promote that post within Power Editor. This way, you have full control over placement and targeting. So promote it to Fans in the News Feed.

3. Promote Strategically to Non-Fans

Also find posts that you think will appeal to a broader audience. Once again, use Power Editor to promote it. This time, make sure to include non-Fans who fit your target audience.

Make sure to limit your audience by using precise interests and Partner Categories. Even better, use Custom Audiences.

Through Custom Audiences, you can upload your email list and target your subscribers with this Facebook ad. This is a good way to remind people who care about your content most to read it!

4. Domain Sponsored Stories

First of all, I’m not buying that Domain Sponsored Stories aren’t applicable to Shiri. While these ads are certainly more effective for sites that get a lot of traffic, anyone can use them.

Whenever a reader shares an article from your website on Facebook, that share can be turned into an ad. This is a Domain Sponsored Story. This is an extremely effective way to increase website traffic.


Finally, you can send people who have already visited your website back through Facebook retargeting, or FBX (read more here and here). Once someone visits your website, you can serve them an ad on Facebook.

Of course, that ad should be driving them back to your website. The link you share could be catered to the page that user had visited on your website previously.

Powerful stuff!

Your Turn

How do you drive traffic to your website from Facebook? Anything I’m missing? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Umair Qureshi

    Link shares of course.. My website gets over 600K monthly Pageviews. 90% is via facebook. :) its a entertainment website so may b because of that it gets more clicks than a average website.

    • Jon Loomer

      That’s awesome! I actually get far more via Google, but that doesn’t diminish the impact I get from Facebook.

      • Umair Qureshi

        I have a question also.. why it is easy to build large audience organically on Facebook than any other social media platform?

  • Liza Shaw

    Thanks Jon, plenty of new tricks for me to try.

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Liza! Always experiment, right?

  • Dyna Laursen

    Great tips, as always Jon…but my favorite part was the bloopers! Thanks for kicking off my Thursday with some laughter. :-)

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Dyna!

  • Akmal Akbarov

    Oooos where is my comment now?

    • Jon Loomer

      I saw it, Akmal! Not sure where it is now though.

      • Akmal Akbarov

        OK my question was basically if it is right to hire SEO company like Attractaseodotcom to rank higher on Google page rank. I opened my web-site about a month ago.

        I mainly use my Facebook profile, fan page and group to drive traffic. I also joined many other similiar groups on Facebook and every week I share my links there which I really don’t like because I present myself as a spammer. BUT without them I can’t drive much traffic.

        What recommendations can you give Jon? Thank you ))

  • annabennett

    Great info – thank you! Hey John – you should have a “pin it” button on your site. I just pinned your content – check it out

    • Jon Loomer

      I actually have a Pin It button on each image when you hover hover them. Though I admit it would be nice to have something for the video!

  • Kenneth

    Brilliant, thanks! P.S. LOVE the Bloopers bits at the end. Makes ya watch the vid several times :)

  • Dhiraj Das

    Great tips! let see how the domain sponsored stories work for us.


    Its quite educative but i’m particularly concerned with the step by step method of driving traffics from Facebook. Hope some body will help me out.

  • Jeselle Arce

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  • james

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  • Chris Baker

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  • icanewfriend

    Great post John! I would like to see a followup post recommending the most effective kind of posts to promote – content wise. We all know that if a post is too “ad-sy” and self-serving the results can be very disappointing.

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  • carl mason

    Great article. Thank you very much.

  • Irad Eichler

    Great one, thanks!

    My two cents- Content games are another great way to share content on FB and have a CTA at the end of the game that drives the players to your website.
    For example, the social media post for an Italian restaurant might be an article “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pasta”. Instead of a static article that you just hope your audience will read, share the same information through a trivia game. Your audience, whether on your company blog, Facebook page or any other channel, plays a game like “Craziest Pizza Toppings In The World Trivia!””, “What kind of Italian food are you? Etc.“
    Games have the three necessary elements of content marketing. (1) It is engaging. (2) It is viral and have (3) An effective call to action at the end of the game that can be customized to meet the goals of the campaign.You can find easy to use tools for creating those games. is one of them.

  • Irad Eichler

    We used content games to drive traffic, we had a clear CTA at the end of the game that invited players to our website.
    A content game could be a personality game or a trivia quiz about something that interest your audience.

    You can find free tools to create games, for example

  • John Allred

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