What is FBX and What Does it Mean for Marketers and Users? [VLOG #17]

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Have you heard about FBX? It’s time you start paying attention.

There were some awesome questions this week, making it difficult to choose one. But since I’ve yet to write about FBX, I figured this was a good topic.

This week’s question comes from Andrew Voirol:

What are your thoughts on this style of marketing [Link]? I browsed a frying pan the other day and it showed up in my newsfeed for a week before I figured out it was because of FBX and was impressed and slightly violated.

Take a look at my video below for my thoughts on how FBX will impact you as a user and as a marketer.

FBX (also known as Facebook Exchange) is a way to retarget with Facebook ads. Brands can place a cookie on their website (or a specific page of their website) so that when that user visits Facebook they can be served a relevant Facebook ad.

The opportunities here are enormous. Not only could this benefit brands, but it could help users by showing them ads that actually matter to them (though it may seem creepy at first).

Up until recently, this was only available to the biggest of the big brands who worked with approved tools. This typically meant shelling out thousands of dollars per month in advertising. But you can also use PerfectAudience to set up FBX on a budget.

I’ll be testing and will report back soon…

Take a look! And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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About Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is a digital marketing consultant with a unique perspective on social media. He was introduced to Facebook in 2007 while with the NBA (back before Pages) and has been using Facebook for business ever since. Stay in touch by liking his Facebook Page (Jon Loomer Digital).

  • http://www.facebook.com/colleen.foshee Colleen Holloran Foshee’

    Love your intro music Jon. And…. your content is always relevant and easy to understand. Thanks!

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Colleen!

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  • NIall Quinn

    Wow…this seems like a gamechanger for Social Media Marketers.

    Question: Will this be available via the Power Editor or it only available through partners such as PerfectAudience?

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      I haven’t heard one way or the other, but I have to imagine it will be available through Power Editor eventually!

    • http://twitter.com/bradflora Brad Flora

      Hi, Niall! This is Brad, Perfect Audience co-founder. Facebook Remarketing is currently only available through partners like our company. This is because Facebook doesn’t have the real-time bidding infrastructure used to store cookie data and power the ad buys in real-time. If you’re thinking of waiting for Facebook to add this to the power editor, stop. That’s not happening any time soon! Facebook built this product so companies like ours would bring our spend to them.

      With Perfect Audience, you can also retarget with banner ads across the web as well. We’re a one-stop solution for all the retargeting you could ever need doing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jensmithsocial Jen Smith

    Hey Jon! Thanks so much for the FBX Vlog. I’m super interested to follow your review of Perfect Audience so we can potentially use it for future clients.

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  • tlashier

    Thanks for sharing! I’m a little late to this video, but had some confusion as to what FBX was. This really helped. I was looking at vacation information the other day outside of Facebook, and for the past 2 weeks on Facebook I’ve been seeing Caribbean vacation ads. Interesting and huge potential for marketers.

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