How to Create a Saved Audience in Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Saved Audiences

I strongly encourage that you use Facebook Power Editor to create your Facebook ad campaigns. It provides many features not available within the self-serve ad tool, and it also makes bulk editing a snap.

One of the activities that can take the most time when creating many different ads within a campaign (you need to split test!) is the creation of audiences.

When you create an ad, you need to determine the following targeting:

  • Countries, states and cities
  • Ages
  • Genders
  • Precise Interests
  • Partner Categories
  • Broad Categories
  • Connections
  • Custom Audiences and Excluded Audiences
  • Interested In
  • Relationship
  • Languages
  • Education
  • Workplace

That’s a lot of stuff! And if you’re creating a few dozen ads, it’s going to be a major pain to do this for each one!

Luckily, you can create Saved Audiences (also known as Saved Target Group) so that you can easily select an audience that you’re going to use over and over. This will save a ton of time!

1. Create Audience Using Ad

A shortcut to the creation of a saved audience is to simply find an ad that represents the audience you want to use.

Within that ad, click the button that reads “Create Audience Using Ad.”

Create Audience Using Ad Facebook Power Editor

After that, you will probably want to change the name of the audience (by default, it will be the name of the ad it was saved from) for easy reference in the future.

2. Create Audience From Scratch

Otherwise, you can create an audience from scratch. Simply click “Audiences” on the left and then “Saved Target Group.”

Create Saved Audience Facebook Power Editor

You then create the audience in nearly the same manner you would when creating an ad…

Create Saved Audience Facebook Power Editor

3. Use the Audience

Now when you create an ad, go to “Audience,” click “Use Existing Targeting Group” and select the audience you had saved.

Use Existing Targeting Group Facebook Power Editor

Piece of cake!

Need some help? Watch the video at the top!

  • Karolos

    Hello John. I agree that creating your audiences is very convenient because each time you run an ad for a client your just choose the audience!

    I have a question though, why do they appear several audiences – like they are auto created (see the photo attached)

    Thank you and keep up giving great advice!

    • Jon Loomer

      Do you have some that were auto created? I don’t believe I do.

      • karolos

        I guess so… and it creates so much noise….
        I hope that i uploaded the pic so you can see what i mean…

  • Antonio Calero

    Very useful shortcut, not sure why I have never used it before… Probably an acquired bad habit. What I’ve been doing in the past is duplicate and add or campaign and then adapt the audience in the new one… However I think I like your recommendation better.

    Would that button include all the targeting options – including precise interests? What about Placement Options?

    • Jon Loomer

      It includes all targeting options, like precise interests, but not placement.

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  • Aileen Hernandez Irias

    Thanks, Jon. That’s a time-saver.

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  • Pranav


    I have multiple accounts. How can I create a saved target audience that can be shared among accounts? (Something that is possible while creating conversion pixels). Looking forward to your help

  • Angela Hamilton-Geraghty

    Great Thanks Jon, nice and easy!

  • Mushki

    Hey Jon, do you know if you can use Saved Audiences for multiple accounts? It seems to be that only the account that created the audience can use it, and I’m hoping this is not the case! Thanks.

  • usman

    very very helpful post