Are Comments and Social Shares Overrated? [Podcast]

Marcus Sheridan The Sales Lion

You have no idea how thrilled I am to have Marcus Sheridan, AKA The Sales Lion, on today’s show. If not for Marcus, I wouldn’t have a podcast.

And to be frank, if not for Marcus, who knows where this blog would be? I’ve spoken a lot lately about how instrumental his content has been in the development of my business.

If you listen to just one of my podcasts, make sure you listen to this one. Marcus is an incredible public speaker and hosts his own dynamite podcast, so it’s no surprise that he doesn’t disappoint.

Marcus wrote a somewhat controversial piece the other day called “Why Comments and Social Shares are Incredibly Overrated to Content Marketing Success.” Our debate over this point took up a big chunk of the podcast.

We did have time to talk a bit about “money keywords” and the false premise that you need to keep videos and blog posts short. I wish we had one hour for this episode because we could have easily gone longer (and actually did after signing off).

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  • Marcus Sheridan

    Interesting podcast…I think that Marcus guy has some serious issues. ;-)

    Thanks bud :-)

    • Jon Loomer

      He DOES have serious issues, and he’s AWESOME! You’re welcome back any time, my man.

  • jeffabram

    Not sure if I should comment on this or not…is this a KPI for you, Jon :). Great interview. Marcus is good. Great thoughts. Practical and reasonable. I like how he makes it about situations in many cases because when we, as social media guys, talk to our clients, we don’t spout off about the size of their blog without knowing what they do, what they want to accomplish, who are their competitors, who do they have to write, etc. I’ve said this a hundred times at webinars and seminars but the only thing that I know for sure is that no matter what the average stat we’re talking about is, they won’t reach it. For good or bad. They are guidelines but there are so many other factors we need to take into account. Like Marcus said, people will watch an hour video on a pool issue if they’re going to drop a few thou on it. The research will be proportionate to the spend, for sure. Anyway, a lot of great stuff to think about. Well done Mr. Pubcaster.

    • jeffabram

      P.S. Loved the comments about Stumble Upon. Got sucked into those numbers before until I realized it never really landed any adds to my blogs or following that were substantial (i.e., one post may have gone great but didn’t see RSS subscription or email subs increase much out of it).

      • Jon Loomer

        Agreed, Jeff. In the early days of this blog, Stumbleupon was part of my “blanket your stuff everywhere” strategy. And I’d get excited when I would get 100 referrals in a day from there. But then I started realizing how misleading that traffic was.

        These days, I don’t even see SU in my results. And I don’t mind that one bit!

    • Jon Loomer

      YES! One more comment towards my goal! ;-)

      Marcus is great, right? That guy always makes me think. In the end, the only number that matters is the bottom line. Some of these other things contribute — or “indicate” high performance — but there are so many different paths to achieving your goals.

      Thanks for sharing, Jeff!

      • jeffabram

        Agreed…what I liked was that it really does come down to thinking. Sometimes it seems that many in this space are like lemmings going to sea. I like what you’re doing focusing on Facebook and doing a dang good job with it. Then, you hear Marcus talking about not scheduling his posts as opposed to other who schedule them out to the next Mayan debacle. Goes to show that there are principles and methods. Principles rarely change but methods do and we need to be thinkers before we’re doers. Again…great stuff.

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  • Jubert Sagun

    Excellent piece Jon… Thanks for sharing


  • Scott Ayres

    Interesting podcast. I’m not a stat or numbers guy so had to go Google what a KPI is.. Is that bad?

    • Jon Loomer

      Not at all, Scott. Honestly, it’s not a term I use. It’s just the stats that you track to measure success. And maybe that was part of my problem here — I don’t necessarily analyze stats in the same way Marcus does.

  • Steven Hughes

    In certain niches like Swimming Pools the readers aren’t don’t have Social accounts, thus little or no shares. Now if you weren’t in the number 1 spot in search or paying for traffic, you’d have nothing.

    So, unless you are doing well in those two areas, social shares will help you with reach especially when you are first starting out.

    I think anyone would take the #1 spot in Google for a relative Keyword or Keywords over social shares any day.

  • Don Stanley

    Loved the podcast but that Sheridan dude seems like one crazy cat ;-) Seriously, great stuff guys. You are both motivating me to get better and bigger in 2013. Thanks for that. And Go Brewers!

    • Jon Loomer

      Marcus is crazy, and that’s why we love him! Thanks for listening, Don, and GO BREWERS!