The Seven Turning Points to a Successful Online Business [Podcast]

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In this week’s Social Media Pubcast, I get drunk on Facebook marketing all by myself. Yep, I had a guest this week. Unfortunately, I completely screwed up the recording and it didn’t record my guest. So it instead sounded like I was talking to my imaginary friend for 30 minutes.

But this gave me a chance to expand on, reflect on and preview some of the content I’ve been writing. I want to provide more insight into the specific steps I took to get to where I am now — most recently named as one of the Social Media Examiner Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2013.

I took these 30 minutes to reflect on what this means as well as talk about the specific turning points associated with my success. Those include:

  1. New Years Resolutions
  2. Building an Email List
  3. Launch of Timeline for Pages
  4. Redesign and Site Investment
  5. Recognition from Big Names
  6. Creating my First Products
  7. Sponsorships

I also reveal the shocking dollar figure that I invested in my business in 2012. Any guesses? Make sure you listen…

Take a listen here:

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  • Cindy King

    Hi Jon, when our list of semi-finalists came out I was happy to see your blog was on there… and of course it came as no surprise that your blog was in the top 10! You’ve been doing a great job and I wish you lots of success moving forward :)

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks so much, Cindy! It’s an absolute honor to be on the list.

    • Michal Smetana

      I mustn’t but to join @CindyKing:disqus and congratulate you, @jonloomer:disqus, as well. You are doing great work and it is always a pleasure reading your blog. Keep up the great work.

      • Jon Loomer

        Many thanks, @PetieKelly:disqus !

  • [Jen Lew]

    Great, transparent and inspirational pod cast! Thank you Jon

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Jen!

  • Jane Frankland

    Thanks so much for doing this podcast. It’s so honest & helpful. I’m so sorry that you screwed up with your recorded interview but love it that you shared this with us. And, OMG Jon, how could you only spend this amount? That’s incredible. Respect! It just goes to show that if you spend wisely, and have ability anything is possible.

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Jane! Really happy to hear you found this helpful. On one hand, I was a bit surprised by how little I spent as well. But on the other, I know how tight I was watching every penny spent, especially during the first six months or so. The ROI of my content marketing efforts was quite huge!

      Of course, now I’ll be looking to spend quite a bit more in 2013. But just goes to show you that you can compete with the big boys on a tight budget if you spend wisely!

  • Mary Nelson

    Jon, thank you for the great info. And a huge congratulations to you and being named One of the Top Ten Social Media Blogs in 2013. You deserve it. Your expertise is invaluable.

  • Lana Waller

    HI Jon,

    Just listened to you podcast. Funny I just took over our website in September 2012 and moved it to WordPress and the Genesis framework. I was in the Social Media Success Summit last year and that is were I first heard of many of the people I now follow. One of my favorites was Marcus of course. I would love to model what he has done. I have not had the time to work that focused on my blog posts, but really want to get that part going. I know Marcus is big on content and how that can really help you in Google and to drive people to your list which is a big goal of mine this year. I did take an Amy Porterfield Facebook class as well as Mari Smith. Both have helped greatly with my Facebook page. Hope I can achieve the same success in my niche as you have done. I know to not get discouraged and to just keep doing the work. Sometimes it is hard to balance it all and to figure out which area is the most important to focus on. Looking forward to hearing more of your podcasts

    • Jon Loomer

      Hi, Lana! You are passionate about learning, and that is a very important step. You’re certainly listening to some smart, smart people who were a big part of my success last year. I completely understand what you mean about balance and focus. I still struggle with it now. But as long as you are constantly trying to manage that struggle instead of letting it consume you, you’ll be fine.

      You’re going to love this week’s podcast — Marcus is my guest!