Facebook Graph Search, Ad Targeting and Champagne with Emeric Ernoult

Emeric Ernoult

This week’s Social Media Pubcast — as it shall officially be known from this point forward — features a sit-down at the pub with AgoraPulse CEO Emeric Ernoult.

What’s he drinking? He’s French, he was drinking Champagne (and a Coke Zero, of course).

What did we talk about? Well, we chatted quite a bit about Facebook Graph Search, Conversion Tracking and Offsite Pixels and a whole lot more.

Take a listen here:

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  • Laura Wallis

    Hey, Jon- Love the new “pub cast” branding. It’s so true that every one isn’t moving at the same pace, but, of course, that just demonstrates the incredible opportunity and potential there is with Facebook’s Graph Search for Brick & Mortar, Online Travel, etc, and what an exciting time it is for marketers. Can definitely see I “Own,” “I Buy,” I “Want,” and I “Buy” along with LIKEs. The new “Me Generation” will be the “I” Gen. Hmmm, in retrospect, we might want to reposition that- lol!

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  • imran

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