Answers to Your Six Questions [VLOG]

As promised in my New Years resolutions for 2013, I am going to put a greater emphasis on video this year. That starts with a video blog.

Make sure that you subscribe to my YouTube channel! I’ll be publishing once per week going forward — likely Thursdays.

The focus in these video blogs will be answering your questions. I will create a post on my Facebook Page asking for your questions, and I’ll select a handful to answer here. I’ll also grab some I couldn’t answer to tackle on my podcast.

What got you into digital marketing?
- Jeffrey SocialMedia Guy Rufino

I’m interested in learning more about ways to grow connection across platforms. What do you do differently from one to the next how do you differentiate the content that goes to your various outlets.
- Kerry Armour

what is the air speed velocity of a un-laden swallow?
- Greg Welch

What is the first thing you would change/add to this page to improve it? You always provide so much info…which is great, but I don’t know where to start. It’s so overwhelming! Thank you!
- Charlene Socia Hatfield

What is the ideal frequency for Facebook CPM ads?
- Carey Hardin

How should small business owners and network marketers design their Facebook page for optimizing Facebook nearby?
- Mike Macey

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  • Kristine Simpson

    Great job Jon! One of my new year’s resolution is to integrate more video in to my communications as well. I love the format of your video blog :) I will be sure to continue following your vlog. Good luck!

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks for the feedback, Kristine! Really just doing this on the fly. Let me know how it goes for you!

  • Mike Macey | ThinkUp New Media

    Jon, it is refreshing to hear someone who doesn’t claim to know it all and is down to earth with real life answers. I particularly liked your second answer to using multiple platforms. I’ve felt guilty because I couldn’t keep up with all of my social media and now I’m going to rethink my syndication along the same line you outlined. Your answer to #5 concerning a 1 x hit for fans is enough made a whole lot of sense . . . particularly for someone starting out with Fb advertising. With SoLoMo (social, local, mobile) on the rise, I like your comments concerning Fb Nearby; however, what are your thoughts for non-brick & mortar businesses like us working online? I use the new USPS physical address for the PO so I can receive UPS, Fedx, etc., and they show up on Google Maps . . .but I’m not there!

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Mike! There’s really no way you can be great at multiple social networks and have time to actually do any business. Of course, you could do this if you have a team of people, but I’m referring more to individuals. Just not possible — or recommended.

      If I understand your question regarding Nearby, I’m not clear at this point how you and I can benefit if we don’t have a location we want people to visit. I do show up in Nearby now, though I’m not sure I necessarily want that!

      Thanks for stopping by, Mike!

  • KathleenHeuer

    Great video! Thanks for the tip about spending the lowest possible amount on promoting your posts so we reach fans only once. Just made that adjustment!

    I made my first video last month, and it was kind of addicting! Brainstorming topics for a new one.

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Kathleen! Let me know how your videos go! I’m constantly learning and would love to hear what works for others.

  • Scott Ayres

    I had no idea about the NBA fantasy sports thing! That’s awesome.

    • Jon Loomer

      It was a pretty awesome three seasons, Scott! So many fun stories, including brush with celebrities (sitting on a conference call with Samuel L. Jackson, helping him draft his fantasy team comes to mind!).

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  • Dennis J. Smith


    I forgot that I had Tweet Old Post installed on my blog and it wasn’t working. Found out that I had to reauthorize the connection with Twitter to to a user name change. Hopefully it will bring some more traffic to the site now that it’s working.

    • Jon Loomer

      Hey, Dennis. Yeah, there are some issues getting it started but it’s very useful when it works!