Facebook Page Post Targeting: Is It Useful?


Let’s take a look at what it means to be able to target your Facebook Page posts, how it could be used, how it may be beneficial and why it may be a waste of time.

Facebook Tip: How to View Fan Only Engagement

Export Facebook Insights

Think you know how to view Facebook Fan-only engagement on your Facebook Page? You probably don’t. Here’s how you access some important, but buried, data.

How to Convert a Facebook Profile to a Business Page

How to Convert Facebook Profile to Business Page

If you are using a personal profile to represent your business on Facebook, it’s likely to be deleted. Here is how to convert it to a business Page.

A Personal Look Back: 7 Lessons Learned on Blogging [Part 3]

7 Lessons Learned on Blogging

This website was started nearly a year ago. I’ve made many mistakes and learned plenty along the way. Here are the 7 most important lessons learned!

Jon Loomer Talks… Episode #13 [Podcast]


Another week of Facebook marketing includes exploring third party apps, proven ways to annoy your Fans, the value of Promoted Posts and much more…

WP4FB 2.0: Powerful Facebook Page Tool Launched [Interview]

WP4FB 2.0

WP4FB 2.0, the most powerful WordPress plugin for Facebook Page design, was released today. This is my interview with the tool’s founder, Wilco de Kreij.

The Value of Facebook Promoted Posts [Infographic]


I compared the data associated with 12 promoted posts and 86 unpromoted Facebook posts, and I was quite surprised by the results. Take a look…

5 Ways to Annoy Your Facebook Fans [Infographic]

5 Ways to Annoy Your Facebook Fans

The key to marketing is to not look like you’re marketing. Want to annoy your Facebook fans? Abuse these five post types…

Does Publishing with Third Party Apps Hurt Facebook Reach?

Post to Facebook 3rd Party App

Conventional wisdom says that publishing to Facebook with third party apps hurts reach. I’m suddenly not so sure and out to find out the truth once and for all.

A Personal Look Back: 7 Lessons Learned on Facebook [Part 2]

7 Lessons Learned on Facebook

When I started my Facebook Page in November of 2011, I had the same struggles you’ve had. Here are the seven valuable lessons I learned along the way.

The Impact of Thought Leaders [Podcast]


On this week’s podcast, I talk about an amazing Facebook management tool, the benefits of scheduling, a look back at a year of ups and downs and some brushes with thought leaders.

AgoraPulse Review: Facebook Community Management Tool


I’ve started using an enormous valuable tool called AgoraPulse. This is my review of its many features for community management, applications, analytics and more.

How to Change the Budget of a Facebook Promoted Post

Facebook Promoted Post

Think you can’t change the budget of a Facebook Promoted Post after it’s been created? Think again! You can even extend it beyond the limited three day window!

Master List of Facebook Marketing Links


Every tutorial and infographic you will need around Facebook marketing, Facebook ads, Facebook Page creation and managing your Facebook Page.

The Benefits of Scheduling Facebook Page Posts [Charts]


I recently conducted a test to determine the benefits of scheduling posts on a Facebook Page. The results were eye opening.