Facebook Promoted Posts: The Solution to the Spam Problem [Part 2]

Facebook Promoted Posts Spam Solution

Facebook Promoted Posts generate great results, but attract a lot of spam. There’s a solution that will make your campaign infinitely more effective.

Facebook Promoted Posts: The Problem With Spam [Part 1]

Facebook Promoted Posts Spam

Have you noticed a spam problem when you use Facebook Promoted Posts? You’re not alone. This is why it happens, even when you target Fans Only…

Jon Loomer Talks… Episode #19 [Podcast]

Jon Loomer Talks Episode 19

Listen to this episode to get an exclusive offer — Save $40 on my Facebook Page Strategic Review! You’ll need the keyword to redeem.

One on One: Burning the Boats with Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield

Facebook marketing rock star Amy Porterfield tells her story about where she’s been, how she got here and how you can be successful in business, too.

Your Facebook Page Reach is Down, and Your Fans Don’t Care

Your Facebook Fans Don't Care About Reach

Is your Facebook Page reaching fewer people? Maybe. But don’t bother them with a copy and paste status update. They care less than you think.

Update: Facebook Insights Helper 1.1

Facebook Insights Helper 1.1

A tool that helps you effortlessly analyze daily, weekly and monthly trends that impact your Facebook Page has been updated!

Jon Loomer Talks… Episode #18 [Podcast]

Jon Loomer Podcast Episode 18

This week’s podcast: Behind the scenes creating an online product, a new tool to help analyze trends in Facebook Insights, a photo album secret and more.

Facebook Page Secret: Create a HUGE Image for Your Timeline [Infographic]

Facebook Photo Album Secret

Want to create an enormous image banner beyond the 843×403 Highlight dimensions like Facebook did for their Timeline? Here’s how you do it…

Facebook Page Strategic Review: A Trained Eye for a Small Price

Facebook Page Strategic Review

Need some expert direction with your Facebook strategy but don’t have the budget? I created Facebook Page Strategic Review just for you.

How Facebook Search Could Change the Internet


I was a skeptic, but now I’m convinced. Not only can Facebook create a Search Engine, but it could change the Internet as we know it.

Dominate the Data: Facebook Insights Helper


Use this spreadsheet to easily view daily, weekly and monthly trends of 21 different metrics for your Facebook Page. Using Insights was never easier!

Facebook Promoted Posts for Personal Profiles: The Low-down

Facebook Personal Promoted Posts

I typically avoid issues associated with personal use of Facebook entirely these days, focusing instead on how brands can maximize their business presence. But this issue has enough crossover that I wanted to take a look at it. As you may know by now, regular users of Facebook can now pay $7 to reach more […]

Jon Loomer Talks… Episode #17 [Podcast]

Jon Loomer Podcast Episode 17

An update on the drop in Facebook Page Reach, talk about a change in the EdgeRank algorithm, Mashable tells you how not to manage your Page and more.

One on One: A Vision and a Smile with Mari Smith

Mari Smith

Facebook marketing celebrity entrepreneur Mari Smith took time to answer questions about how she got here, what’s she’s doing and what’s next.

15 Facebook Marketing Resources That Will Make You Smarter

15 Facebook Marketing Resources That Will Make You Smarter

The 15 Facebook Marketing Resources That Will Make You Smarter includes Mari Smith, Amy Porterfield, John Haydon, Dan Zarrella and more.