Holiday Cheer: Free Facebook Marketing EBook, Help Make-A-Wish

ShortStack Free Holiday Idea Book

Download this info and superstar-packed ebook from ShortStack and help the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the process. It’s a win-win!

Survey: Would You Pay for Facebook Page Business Suite Upgrade Package?

Facebook Survey 25 Dollars

Facebook Page admins are noticing a survey under their admin panel asking if they’d pay $25 per month for a business suite upgrade package.

If Facebook Blows Up Tomorrow: 3 Investments Your Business Must Make

If Facebook Blows Up Tomorrow

If Facebook blows up tomorrow, what will you have left? Don’t rely entirely on Facebook. Make sure that your business invests in these three things.

Facebook Ad Review: Maximize Your Advertising Success

Facebook Ad Review

Wonder why your Facebook ad campaigns haven’t been effective? Not sure what to do next? Have Jon review your ads and maximize your success!

Jon Loomer Talks… Episode #22 [Podcast]


This episode covers a new contest, a great article from TechCrunch about the relationship between a drop in Facebook Reach and spam and more!

11 Factors That Drive a Facebook Content Plan That Works

Facebook Content Plan

There are 11 factors that drive a Facebook content strategy that works. These should be the source of your inspiration before you get started…

TechCrunch: Your Facebook Page Reach is Down Because You’re Spammy

Do Facebook Users Think You Are Spammy?

TechCrunch reports some interesting facts that could explain the drop in Reach for some Pages. Is your Page spammy? Here’s how to find out.

Win a Year of AgoraPulse Facebook Marketing & CRM ($1,188 Value)!

AgoraPulse Contest Jon Loomer Digital Facebook

Want access to a great Facebook marketing CRM tool for an entire year? Enter to win! All entries get access to a special coupon code!

6 Steps to Facebook Marketing Awesomeness

6 Steps to Facebook Marketing Awesomeness

When I review Facebook Pages, these are the six categories of information that I focus on. Master these and be awesome on Facebook…

Experiment: Status Updates vs. Photos in Facebook Reach


I conducted an experiment covering two weeks. Reach for my status updates are double my photos, but then things get interesting…