How to Merge Up to 6 Facebook Pages

How to Merge Up to 6 Facebook Pages

Back in August, I wrote about how you could merge Facebook Pages after converting a personal profile to a business Page. Well, Facebook has switched things up again.

The Facebook Help Center has been updated on how to merge Pages. Before we get to that, a few things you should know:

  • The Pages being merged must represent the same thing
  • You can only merge Pages with fewer Likes into the one with more Likes
  • If you’re merging Pages with a location, they must have the same address information
  • Merging Pages combines all of your Likes and check-ins
  • All other content from the Page(s) with fewer Likes (wall posts, photos, username) will be permanently deleted
  • Content on the Page with more Likes will remain unchanged, except for the addition of likes and check-ins added from the Page(s) with fewer Likes
  • The Page(s) with fewer Likes will be removed from Facebook and you will not be able to unmerge it
  • You must manage all of the Pages being merged (duh)

Okay, got it? Now let’s merge stuff. To access the merge tool, do this…

  1. Of the Pages you want to merge, go to the admin panel of the Page with the most Likes
  2. Edit Page > Update Info
  3. Click Resources
  4. Click “Request to merge duplicate Pages”


  1. Select the Page that has the most Likes as the Destination Page
  2. Select up to five Pages to merge into the Destination Page
  3. Enjoy the merge

I’ve never done this, but it appears there will be some approval process once you submit the Pages. This makes sense given the rules at play.

This is a good opportunity for anyone who has created multiple Pages in error. Just make sure you control them all and that they have the same or similar name and the same physical address.

Good luck!

  • Alouis

    Hi! Thanks for the post. But the link is not working. Is it bcoz FB has change them again :-/

    • Jon Loomer

      Not clear, but possibly a cookie thing. I’ve updated the instructions!

  • fdsfds

    link not working

    • Jon Loomer

      Probably a cookie thing. I’ve updated the instructions above.

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  • Mike Gingerich

    Good stuff Jon! Thanks for the heads up about this feature getting updated.

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Mike!

  • Alice

    I have 3 pages with EXACTLY the same names, 2 pages and one place, also with EXACTLY the same address, but that request to merge button never appears. What can I do now??

    • Jon Loomer

      Alice — It is odd. Do you manage any other pages? Even if unrelated, you just need to get to this merge request page. So if you have an unrelated page that does have that link, that should get you to where you need to go.

      • Alice

        I have checked them all, none of them have a link for merging pages. I have tried asking for help from Facebook with no reply. I have read in other articles from other people that it doesn’t always come up, the merge pages option. But they have supplied links, which also never work for me, the pages are always non existant. You don’t have a link?

    • Jon Loomer

      Andrea Vahl also says you need to be logged in as your personal account for this to appear. Does that fix it?

      • Alice

        It worked!! When I was logged into my account. Thanks you very much for the help.

        • Jon Loomer

          Woo hoo!

  • Raymond Østrem

    I’ve got 3 pages I want to merge, all of them with same address with check ins, and they represent the same thing. But I dont get the “Request to merge duplicate Pages” option :( Any ideas?

    • Jon Loomer

      Raymond — I actually find this issue on some of my pages, too. Do you manage any other pages unrelated to these three? It’s strange to me that Facebook doesn’t allow direct link access to this since you can select any pages you manage once you get there. So as long as you can get to that link from one of your pages, you should be able to request the merge.

      • Raymond Østrem

        Hi Jon, Yes, I also manage other pages unrelated to these three.
        Actually I got the merge option on one of these, but not the main one.
        The name of the pages is, and, I want to merge minelinser and fargelinser with Today I can merge minelinser with fargelinser, but not with I think this is because the names and are very similar. To bad I cant change the names to something more similar

        • Jon Loomer

          This doesn’t make sense to me. I have the name of every Page I manage within each drop-down. Are you sure that you’re a top-level admin for each Page you need to merge? I don’t know how else to explain that.

          • Raymond Østrem

            You misunderstand me :) My conclusion was maybe the page names has to be similar? Since I cant get the merge option on Lensit. I have the name of every Page I manage within each drop-down.

            I’ll give a shout, if I get the hang of it :)

          • Jon Loomer

            Oh, yes. The names need to be similar.

    • Jon Loomer

      Andrea above also says you need to be logged in as your personal account for this to appear. Does that fix it?

      • Raymond Østrem

        I’m logged in with personal account.

  • Andrea Vahl

    Great post Jon! Looks like you must be logged in as your Personal profile, not your Page for this option to appear.

    • Jon Loomer

      Interesting, Andrea. Thanks for the tip!

    • Debby Luzia

      Exactly. That is what I realized that I was doing wrong. As a page the merge option does not appear.

  • Robyn Harcott

    John – we have a page that needs a slight name change and we had thought to use the merge page feature for this. However, it seems that you have to use the page with the most “likes” as the page to merge into which still not give us the desired result. Has there been any movement on the ability to rename a page?

    • Jon Loomer

      Robyn — You should be able to request a name change within your Admin Panel. Edit Page > Update Info > Name.

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  • Suzy Crowdy


    I am managing a page for a
    dentist. They set the original page up as a LLP. Then they set up another page
    using DDS. Here is the problem. They want the DDS Page, but I have no access to the apps.
    on the DDS Page. If I go to the LLP and go to the
    drop down box it’s only showing the DDS not the LLP. We have been using the DDS Page for our posts, so it will have more
    “likes”. How do I get access to the apps on the DDS Page if I can’t merge them?

    • Jon Loomer

      Suzy — Not sure if I completely understand your question. Which apps are you referring to? If you mean simple admin access, they need to add you as an admin by going to Admin Panel > Edit Page > Admin Roles. If you mean they have apps that they created that you need access to, it all depends on where they created them. They’d need to log into those app accounts to grant you access (if possible).

  • Maurizio

    Hello Jon,
    I always read you and thanks for your useful tips…

    However, is this perhaps a change they are still testing, thus only some users have it (kind of like timelines, when at first it was mandatory only for some users)? Because I still see the same classic type of merge feature. Nothing changed, nor I have the option to insert the page url.

    This feature seems pretty good though, so I am looking forward to using it.

    Take care, greetings from Italy!

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks, Maurizio! Always possible. You know how Facebook is — stuff is available in one place but not another. Particularly with new functionality, it’s not only possible but likely that not everyone has this yet.

  • pops

    I had another 2 pages that other people had made. I claimed them and was successful.

    The 2 have merged together but they didnt merge with my original page and i have no option to merge them. So now instead of 3 pages for my place I have 2, the orginal which I created and the other one. How do I get this other one to merge with my original page.

    • pops

      its okay i managed, i wasnt logged in as my personal profile. thanks

    • Jon Loomer

      Names and addresses have to be similar if not exact before you can merge them. I’d make sure to follow all of the rules closely. Otherwise, you may need to contact Facebook.

  • becky

    Hi – I am simply trying to merge ONE profile of 1800 friends to a PAGE…but I keep getting an error message: “an error has occurred while merging too many pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.” huh? this is driving me crazy…I have no other pages I am merging too – not even one. I have deleted all my groups incase this is the problem. Both profile->page have the same name, identical as they suggest…still, I get this damn error message. PLEASE can someone help me with this???? thank you so much in advance.

    • Jon Loomer

      Does the page have more than 1800 fans?

      Otherwise, I’d reach out to Facebook (as fun as that sounds).

      • Vincent

        Hi Jon. Since this message have you find a solution for that case? if not, how do you reach out to Facebook? thank you

    • Vincent

      Hi Becky. I have excatly the same issue right now. 2028 friends. I would like to shift my profile to a page, but the same message comes each time I try. Have you find a solution?

  • Sadie Cornelius

    Thanks Jon for the tip! I have been searching everywhere on Facebook on how to do this. I heard it was possible but of course Facebook makes these things impossible to figure out. Glad there are people out there like you who are sharing these resources and tips on how to do things on Facebook which are a mystery or even unknown because Facebook is constantly changing things and never informing or publicizing when changes are made. I also found a video which has step by step instructions too, for those of you who still need a little bit more convincing that it’s possible it walks you through the process. Plus, I am a visual person so it helped me out a bunch. Thanks again for the info!

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks for sharing, Sadie, and happy to help!

  • Chuck Sterk

    Nice blogpost! At the moment i don’t get the option, but that might be because the pages i want to merge don’t have the same names.

    Which is a problem: I have a Facebook with 1150 likes, that needs a name change, which isn’t possible when a page has more than 200 likes or something. So we’ve created a new page, with the correct name. The idea was to gather more likes on the new page and than merge the other page with it. But now i’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t merge pages with different names.

    So either i’m doing useless work over here, or i have to find a way to change the name of the first page OR find a way to merge pages with different names.

    Do you have any ideas on this?

    • Jon Loomer

      Hey, Chuck. Within your Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update Info, you should get an option for “Request Change” by your page name. I do, and I have 7k+ likes.

      • Mark Tisdale

        Like Chuck, I don’t see that option – maybe Facebook is testing allowing it for some users. But when I go to my page and go to Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update Info, there is a question mark beside my current page name hovering it informs me that I have too many fans to change it and includes a link to this help page:

        I have the option to change username (i.e. URL) but not the name of the page itself.

  • Claudia

    Is this a new feature, not yet available in Germany? I changed my settings to english language to be able to follow exactly what you wrote, but “Request to merge duplicate Pages” does not exist under RESOURCES.

    • Jon Loomer

      Claudia — Based on my experience, the option only appears when you have multiple pages that have similar names.

      • Matt

        not even then. I have 2 pages with almost the exact same name (it can not be exactly the same, as it won t allow it, saying that the name is not available) . and the “merge” link still does not appear under “ressources”

  • Hugh Briss

    My update page doesn’t look anything like yours and it doesn’t give me the option to select pages to merge it just shows me the one that is eligible.

    • Jon Loomer

      I don’t even get the “Merge Duplicate Pages” option on some pages. It seems to only appear when Facebook detects that I own other pages with similar names.

  • monicamcpherrin

    Can you change the name of the page with more likes after you merge it? I rebranded, same topic, new name.

    • Jon Loomer

      I’d like to have a definitive answer for you on this, but I don’t. It seems some pages have the ability to immediately change their name, others have the option to request a change, and others have no options at all. If you have no option, I’d recommend reaching out to Facebook!

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  • Becca

    I’m having the same issue as some others. Trying to convert a profile to a page. I get this message “an error has occurred while merging too many pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.” I’m trying to convert not merge. However, the client has a current page that I will eventually be merging with the newly converted page because it will have more likes. Could this existing page be the problem?

    I have yet to find a solution for this anywhere and have not heard back from Facebook. Any suggestions on how to best reach them?

  • Keriim

    Hello ,

    I have two pages to merge , i select the page to merge but when i click on ” Merge pages ” nothing happens !

    Help ?

    • dedii

      hei kariim.. im having the same issue too .. nothing happens when you click it .. its been 7 seven days . not as ussualy .. and no help pages disscuss it ,, where are you from ?

      • Kériim

        I’m from Tunisia.

        • Keriim

          If you have more than one Facebook Page you can now Merge Facebook Pages without losing all your likes and check-ins. Merging Facebook Pages combines all your likes and check-ins. If you have Multiple Facebook Pages you should avoid confusion among your fans and Merge Your Facebook Pages together and make it easier for you to manage. Unfortunately Facebook claims that your content and the Page with fewer likes will get deleted. Some people have reported that you can keep the page with fewer likes or with the best username that represents your page but your milage may vary. Don’t forget that all your wall posts, photos and the username form the Merged Facebook Page will be permanently deleted. If you find a Facebook Page with your brand that you do not own, you should report it to facebook as a duplicate Page. You should tell your fans that the Pages have merged so there is no confusion. Note: It may take a few days for your fan count to be accurate.

          • James

            Can you confirm the Master Page that you are retaining does not lose anything and keeps all timeline posts, etc?

          • Christian Karasiewicz

            @Kerim, part of you statement is correct. Yes, you can merge two pages together. You don’t have to merge the smaller one into the larger one. You can merge in either direction. I’ve done it more than a dozen times. As far as not losing likes and check-ins. You do actually lose these when you merge two pages together. Also, once you merge pages together, the old pages are not accesible anymore and you cannot redirect them to the new page.

      • zabre

        change facebook page name and merge facebook page visit here

    • ‘Joseph Rogers

      Same here.

    • Erin Willmann

      I’ve been having the same issue too for 2 weeks. I even broke down and submitted a report to Facebook, but I have yet to hear anything. (I won’t hold out hope on that one.) It’s nice to know that I’m not nuts! I’ve done this several times before without any issues, and now it’s not working at all.

    • zabre

      merge facebook page visit here -

  • Scott

    I did have the set up above on the page for my old work with the option to merge 5 pages. I now have a page for my new work (they are both pubs) and am now back to the old style one which is only allowing me to merge in 1 of the 6 claimed duplicated I now manage. I have managed to get around this as someone suggested by going through a different page so that is an option. Also I was successful in merging a page with 3000+ likes (which had just been converted from a profile) into a much smaller page so that also can work. Wish they’d make it simpler though. The duplicate page claim process is also very frustrating.

  • James

    I have successfully found the merge section. It states all other pages are merged into the destination page, only merging likes and check-ins, but from the way it reads, it says all content, on ALL pages will be deleted perminantly. Can you please confirm!?

  • Beng Yap

    I have two pages to merge. I started via the page with most likes and when I click on “Merge Pages”, initially, I got an message that the addresses are too far apart and a tip to try to change the address of the destination page (both addresses were exactly the same on both pages!) and after a few re-tries, I got no response – the “Loading…” windows pops up and goes away.

    When I started with the page with fewer likes, I got the form box as described in this tutorial. I entered the desired settings, submitted the form, and Facebook responded that they received the request and would notify me via e-mail.

    • sathya

      hii beng, I have too pages with same name, one page is with 78K likes and other vth 5k likes, when i tried to merge pages a pop is goin down and ntng happens, if u find a solution pls mail me… my id

      • sathya

        hii beng, I have too pages with same name, one page is with 78K likes and other vth 5k likes, when i tried to merge pages a pop is goin down and ntng happens, if u find a solution pls mail me… my id

  • nico

    Hello everybody!,
    I have three pages with same names and purpose etc. that
    I’m trying to merge. I get the link ‘Merge duplicate pages’ in the ‘resources’. And I can
    click on it and confirm that I want to merge the two pages into the one.
    But then nothing happens. I don’t get a confirmation that the pages
    have been merged. I’ve also waited a few days to see if they would
    eventually be merged. But nothing happens. Is this a bug?

  • Lyn

    Hi Jon,
    First, I’d like to thank you for such an informative site. I’ve been a fan for several months. My question: I applied to merge 3 smaller pages with my business page (same business) and was turned down. A few weeks later I reapplied but received no answer from Facebook, so I reapplied again… still no answer. My last request was sent on 1/15/13 and I still haven’t heard anything. I don’t understand why I would be turned down, nor why they don’t realize that they are losing advertising revenue because I don’t advertise the page and won’t promote posts from those pages (as I am sure there are duplicate fans). Do you know how long it takes Facebook to respond to a reapplication and if there is a way of actually contacting them? Thanks -Lyn

  • Lumba

    I’ve tried doing this – got a ‘Your request as been sent, facebook will email you shortly’. It’s been 2 days – how long does it usually take?


  • anu sharma

    Hello ,

    I have two pages to merge , i select the page to merge but when i click on ” Merge pages ” nothing happens !

    Help ? john please

  • Impact

    Ive followeD the instructions step by step but after clicking resources I dont actually get a “Request to merge duplicate Pages” option to even try and click?

  • Sandra

    I’ve got a place and a page which I merged, now I only have the page. However, people can no longer ‘add location’ as they used to be. Previously, the place was quite big and everybody knew it – now the place nor the page can be found and therefore people are creating more places which I need to claim and then merge again… why doesn’t it show the page as a valid ‘add location’?

  • johngosling

    This looks to be broke. I’ve used this a lot in the past, and it always worked fine, but now when you click to merge, you don’t get a “sucess” message. Dialogue box just vannishes and you are still left with your unwanted page. I’ve mailed Facebook via their help forms. Suggest anyone else struggling with this does the same. More they get, more inclined they might be to fix.

  • Genius


    I don’t see “Request to merge duplicate Pages” in Resource. Where is it? Please help me :)

    And I want to ask that, can I do in the main page (the most like page), or I must do it in the fewer like page? :)

    Thank you very much

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @70850adb3a53a9765b6ebef845d6ed00:disqus, you can merge pages in either direction. It does not have to be the smaller one into the larger one (although that is the ideal way to merge them).

    • Sarah Rising

      If there’s not a tab in the Resources section it most likely means that you are not an admin on one of the Pages.

  • Mr Dougall

    Hi Mr Loomer can you answer me a question please? I copied everything on the two merging pages word for word but when i click merge it states that im not admin for one of the pages but i clearly am as im the only admin on them both now??? I get this message… You are currently not an admin of the Page you wish to merge. You cannot merge Pages with a Page that you do not admin. How would you fix this, or would you fix this for me if i paid you please? I think im going to cry :( Kind Regards Mr Dougall

    • Jon Loomer

      Unfortunately, I can’t help you with any of these unexpected errors. I recommend you reach out to Facebook directly, as pleasant as that may be!

    • Sarah Rising

      You have to merge Pages from your Profile. You need to switch over to your Facebook Profile and then start the process. It’s a common error. I did it the first time too!

  • Tim

    Has anyone found a solution yet for the problem that after you have clicked “merge pages” nothing happens ? I have been stuck with this for a few days now and I really need to merge my pages. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me out

    • Sarah Rising

      This just happened to me today. I think we need to let Facebook breathe and come back. I bet in one or two days, it will work. Facebook’s quirky like that.

  • nick

    I have a question about merging pages/changing users’ email addresses.

    The organization I work for hosts an event every year and an employee made a facebook page for it. It has a decent following that we do not wish to loose. We want to change the admin from the employee to an account that we made strictly for the event. However, you can only add admins that have facebook accounts.

    I tried to make a profile with our new event email but Facebook wouldn’t allow me to do so, because of the name rules, and suggested I make a page instead.

    If I make a new page for this event, using the new event email, and then have the pages merged, will the orginal page with the merged content include the new event email as an admin?

    I know that was a bit confusing and to add to it: can you merge pages if you are a manager of both pages or do you have to be the account which created both?

    Thanks for any help!


    • Sarah Rising

      I worked for a larger corporation one time and had this problem. The solution is to use the name of someone who probably won’t leave the company (aka a CEO– and if they don’t want to use their full time, use their first and middle then make the profile unsearchable). Basically, this new profile will be designate as the main “admin” Page for everything you do. The email you attached to the name doesn’t matter… So go ahead and use the event email.

      In any case, the CEO Profile should be passed down from social media manager to social media manager. So the Profile “John Smith” can be run by Katherine, Tommy or whomever… But it is still company property. Therefore–no confusion.

      As for your other questions: No, you don’t have to be the original admin to merge a Page. Yes, any admins of a merged Page will be merged together.(I think. lol.)
      Good questions.

  • razan

    Dear Facebook.
    Urgent help.
    I’m stuck in merging pages. i had 5000 friends request on my profile( I work in media) and i had a page as well. so i converted my profile to page and now im stuck with two pages. ofcourse can’t merge them they have different names and can’t change name coz i have 3000 and more friends on both. It took a lot of work to reach that number so i really don’t want to lose any page. please help me merge them.

    pages links:

    I hope you can help me with this.

  • Gary

    I have a fan page which didnt have the option to check in to. There was a Place page that i’ve claimed and they’ve automatically merged it for me.. My issue is that it hasnt merged, it’s just a link now to my fan page. The place page has no official logo on and is just a blank pic and on my fan page it says 0 have been here. Do they know what ‘merge’ means or have they messed something up? How do I sort this out?

  • Mary_Ann

    Hi, If you could please give me the link of the request. Because in my country the option is not jet available, but I can use the option, if I have the direct link. Thanks.

  • Christy Hayhurst

    Been looking for a solution to this for a few days and found a manual merge option from this stie

    So frustrating, hope it works.

  • John Smith

    I didn’t find the “Request to merge duplicate Pages”. Why? Can you check this?

  • Klaatu42

    It appears this option is no longer available.

  • sushant

    i havnt find any resource tab under page info… plz help me out

  • Ashfaque Ali

    How To Merge Two Different Pages Names On Facebook

  • Arvin

    I have been looking for some time, and all tips I have found now lead to broken links or error pages.

    Here is the more recent tool I have found [as of Nov 12, 2013]:

    Good luck!

  • Matthew


    Q: how can one merge all their FB campaigns & ads from one account to another

    • Guest

      This is something I would like to know

  • facebook

    Merge Facebook PAges with different Names GO to —

  • Azmari

    TO merge FAcebook pages wit different names
    solved —>

  • zabre

    change facebook page name and merge facebook page visit here -

  • Chastity Northrup

    I want to merge 2 pages that are similar because one I made by accident. I have looked online and on Facebook help to see what I can do. I don’t see an admin section, an option to edit the page or Resources or anything. I am not sure what to do. I just want to remove the old page. Plus, FB just suggested that I update my page so I said yes. And it said that my new page will be updated as of July 30th and that my fans can see it now. Then it was gone and the only thing I could see was my old page, with 1 like. This is frustrating.

  • Sonja Dyess

    If you have a page with 300+ likes and already used your request a name change after 100 likes, can you then create a new page with same name, merge the old account with the 300+ likes to the new page with 0 likes and then request a name change since the new page hasn’t requested? Has anyone done this?

  • Darren Daly

    Do i have to be signed in with same email?? because my accounts have two different emails.

  • Brenda Lee Smith

    Thanks for the information on merging pages on facebook. Do you know how to Cancel a merge request?

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  • suresh dahal

    i have successfully merged two different page large like in to small one. but while i want to merge next page it tooks more time, also i have not get any email too. this time i have verified page and another one is not. is it possible to merge or not,

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    second merge :

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    Although our website database is much bigger, we have a very active Facebook community, with a lot of groups and users that help us day by day to spread the word about this collaborative platform. A key in this Facebook community is our Fan Page.
    In our efforts to improve even more and to have a “clean” relationship with our users, we made arrangements to merge two fan pages that we had with the name of Poliglota. Both were named “Poliglota”, but had different ammounts of fans:, with 7.900 fans approximately, with 19.900 fans approximately.

    We wanted to keep the fan page named “”, so we merged the other one with this one, following every instruction from Facebook, who promised to merge and combine the fans of both pages in one Page.

    Everything went right, except when the merge completed, instead of combining fans, we were left with only the fans of, leaving us with a community of only 7.900 fans. We lost about 75% of our fans.

    For us, this is very serious and it could affect our business.
    We need Facebook help us to solve this problem or to revert the fusion.
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