Jon Loomer Talks… Episode #18 [Podcast]

Jon Loomer Podcast Episode 18

This description will be short and sweet since I’m on a much needed vacation! In this episode, I cover what is in the graphic above. Simple, right?

Now, listen below!

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  • ginavalley

    Lots of great info. I found the Facebook photo presentation idea particularly interesting. Going to check that out soon.
    I wonder if you might find more effectiveness were you to present each of these topics in a separate audio post. This was very long. Personally, I rarely can listen to something that long without planning for it, So, I rarely do. My day is too packed. Shorter presentations I can fit in between other tasks. Just a thought.

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks for the feedback, Gina! I’m just happy to know someone is listening.

      You know, I’ve considered several approaches, which also includes video versions on YouTube, too. For now, this has been the most efficient (no editing, just record and go). But I’ll definitely consider cutting it down.

      Thanks for listening!